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Pool Deck Waterproofing and Resurfacing


Why waterproof a pool deck? Concrete pool decks inevitably begin to crack. It is important to remember that with most pools, the concrete is poured over soil, which is prone to settling in areas, causing the concrete to rest unevenly on the surface and crack. Other pools, such as rooftop pool decks, are built over wood.

Repairing, sealing and waterproofing the cracks as soon as they begin is important, since any water that penetrates the cracks will reach the surface underneath. Some pools are built without proper caulking and waterproofing of joints, which is another area where water can leak below the concrete surface.

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Pool Deck: Before

pool deck resurfacing

Pool Deck: Before

If the surface below the pool is soil, water leaking through the cracks will cause softening of the soil beneath the deck. The tensile strength of concrete will not support such a variance in underlying support, causing a downward spiral of more cracking, more water penetration, and more soil softening.




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Applying Multicoat Waterproofing System

If the concrete pool deck is built on a wood surface, it is the settling and normal expansion/contraction of wood that causes the cracks. Water leaking into the pool deck cracks can cause wood rot, mold, and expensive structural damage.

So what do you do when see cracks in concrete pool decks, areas of water ponding, cracked drains, or eroding caulk in joints?

The first step is to contact a waterproofing specialist, such as WICR Waterproofing & Decking, to determine the extent of the repairs. If caught early, the remedy only requires cracks and joints to be repaired. Coating the pool deck with a waterproof coating will not only beautify your pool deck, it will extend the life of the deck, and be more comfortable for your guests.

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