Underground Applications

Our services go beyond the surface, by including solutions for subterranean drainage and below-grade waterproofing such as elevator pits and parking garages

In every job we do, we always keep in mind that after we leave, your guests, employees and customers will depend on the skill, safety and security of our work, which is why we strive for the highest level quality, every time.

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Below-Grade Waterproofing

To properly preserve building integrity and structural soundness, it’s important to waterproof underground spaces. Water leaks can lead to flooding basements and parking garages that extend below the surface, or damaging elevator pits in your building.

Some of the below-grade waterproofing services we offer include:

  • Under foundation
  • Positive-side waterproofing
  • Negative-side waterproofing
  • Subterranean drainage
  • Rock pockets
  • French drain
  • Drainage composites