While the spring season brings new beginnings with blooming flowers and sunnier days, it’s also known as ‘April Showers’ season. This time of year can be confusing because while the sun is out, rain still falls and can do damage to your commercial building. The key is to stay prepared and get ahead of the game so that your property is ready for the rain to come. If you take the necessary steps so that your building has its defenses ready against a water leak, then you’ll be able to see your commercial building through the end of this sprinkling season.  

It is important to make sure that rainwater has no way to get into your building, in order to do this you must shore up the four main places that water can enter your building: doors, windows, the roof, and your rain gutters. These are the main areas that we see time and time again cause water damage to the point of no return. Here are our tips for how to prepare these parts of your building for April Showers. 


When the rain begins to pool up and flood, it becomes very easy for excess water to slip under and through your office building’s door frame. In order to avoid this we usually suggest commercial garage doors since they close flat to the ground and do not have a space where water can easily get in. Otherwise you’ll need to make sure that your door frame is properly waterproofed and there are no cracks in the frame. If so, you can repair this by using a sealant on any problem areas.

Windows & Joints

Anywhere two planes are touching can be a problematic area for commercial buildings. They need to be fully inspected for any spaces that could be susceptible to a potential water leak. Through inspection you may find mold where cracks are, this would show that water got in and began to rot the area around it. It is important to report any damage so that professionals can know exactly what needs to be repaired and waterproofed. While you can also use sealant for the simple cracks, the more you notice may stem from a bigger issue. 


The most obvious place to prepare for a water leak is the roof. It will be the area that is hit by the most rain constantly and needs to be in good condition if it is going to protect the rest of the building. You’ll need to do a full inspection of the roof to look for any cracks. These are the real culprits. Cracks can allow water in which cause internal damage, which could lead to more cracks which will eventually lead to flooding. The best way to avoid this is to have an annual inspection so that you know what areas need to be repaired.


Everyone knows you need to keep your rain gutters clean, however, during April Showers it is even more important. The excess debris in your rain gutters can lead to it overflowing with water. Your rain gutters are one of the key defenses your commercial building will have against the wet season. If they are not cleaned out the excess water will flow onto the roof which will simply add to the amount of water it is already withstanding. The cleaner your gutters are the safer your building will be from a water leak or flooding. 

The places we named are the most common areas where problems occur and where the most damage can happen. As the owner of a commercial building it is imperative that you follow the proper procedures and safety guidelines so that your building does not become damaged or hazardous. One of the best things you can do is schedule an inspection of your building so that all these areas are covered. This way you’ll ensure the safety of your building and the people working inside it. For a thorough inspection and any other waterproofing needs you might have, contact the experts at WICR Inc., today.