Pool Coatings

WICR, Inc. has been serving residential and commercial customers in L.A., Orange County and San Diego for more than 30 years, and we are licensed and approved by all the major coating manufacturers to install their waterproofing systems. Our crews have extensive experience in stucco repairs, minor carpentry, dry rot repair and sheet metal installation, and we can assist with everything from pool coping repairs to resurfacing projects for your pool and Jacuzzi.

Pools are a part of the Southern California lifestyle. In order to maintain the aesthetic appeal and the safety of your pool, it is important to perform the necessary miscellaneous repairs, routine maintenance and restoration projects as needed. Our customers include homeowners with backyard pools, homeowner associations and apartment complex owners, and commercial pools that are open to the public.

Types of Pool Coating Projects

In many cases, we are called in to repair cracked sealant at expansion joints or fractured and unsightly pool coping, which is the architectural feature that caps off the edge of the pool. We can not only repair or replace the material at the site of the damage, but can also install a new coping with accent colors to serve as a decoration and as a safety measure to demark the pool edge. Some of our customers hire us to apply a non-skid coating to the pool deck or Jacuzzi that prevents slip and fall accidents while also not being rough to the feel and being easy to clean and maintain. Certain pool deck surfaces can also greatly reduce the surface temperature of the deck making the surface much easier to walk on with bare feet during hot summer days.

The project may be as simple as applying some minor patching, or it may require us to pour new concrete. When we come out to inspect the property, we take the time to accurately determine what issues need to be addressed, whether you need to have a failing coating repaired, or if you would like to have your Kool Deck resurfaced. We want to make sure that you, your family, your guests, community, or customers can enjoy the cool water, can sunbathe or have parties by the poolside without having to worry about safety hazards or eyesores. Contact our scheduling department now by phone or email to discuss your project and to receive an initial estimate.