Waterproofing Services

Whether you’re waterproofing a deck in your new home, or looking to protect your next remodeling project — our highly trained professionals will work with you to find the best possible solution.

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Here are just a few of the waterproofing solutions we offer:

  • Deck waterproofing
  • Repairs to waterproofed pool decks and walkways
  • Inspections and water testing
  • Injection waterproofing
  • Pool deck coatings
  • New construction waterproofing

No matter the size of your project, our highly trained specialists can recommend and install the best waterproofing systems, to keep your property water-tight and extend the life of your investment.

Waterproofing Systems Designed For Use Below Tile and Stone Installation

A tiled deck can serve as a gorgeous addition to your home. Tile is a durable building material, and it allows you to choose different colors, textures, and patterns.

Without proper installation, using tile as a surface for your deck can pose serious problems. The water could pool on the deck surface, soak into the wood in the underlying deck structure, and cause expansion, buckling or cracking. The moisture will likely lead to rot, mold, serious structural degradation, and perhaps even collapse.

Waterproofing a deck, with a proper system designed for use under stone or tile, keeps you protected from the risk of improper drainage and a costly deck reconstruction.

Air Barriers

While traditional building wraps may provide shelter, they are often substandard in terms of keeping the elements out, and the climate-controlled air in. Although they may be moisture-proof, they are not waterproof, airtight, or impervious to vapor, making air-barriers a must for any new construction or leak-rehabilitation project.

With an air barrier, the building wrap and insulation system seamlessly tie together to prevent gaps and create an airtight seal, helping you keep out the summer heat or winter chills, while also keeping cleaner, temperature-controlled air inside.

Not only does an air barrier give you a more comfortable environment to enjoy, but it also helps you save money by reducing energy bills, and possibly qualifying you for LEED points to be used as tax credits.

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