Underground Applications

Structures today are becoming more complex and environmentally diverse, but with that comes difficulty in building. From luxury coastal residences enveloped by the high tide, to flood-prone below-ground applications — basement and foundation waterproofing is essential for preserving building integrity.

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Working together with different manufacturers, WICR can design systems to be used in below-grade applications. By using only the most reliable brands like Tremco, Vulkem Coatings, Paraseal Sheet Membranes, Tremdrain Drainage Systems, TurboSeal, and many more, we ensure the highest quality of underground protection on every project.

The types of projects we specialize in include:

  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Positive and Negative-side waterproofing
  • Subterranean drainage
  • Rock pockets
  • French drain
  • Drainage composites

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