Different Types of Pools (Because Now’s the Time to Build)


Are you walking in winter wonderland or nostalgic for the summer sunshine? Either way, winter is in full swing and it’s the off season for pool deck construction. That means lessened demand for materials and increased pool builder availability. Now is the time to jump on the opportunity to start building or refreshing your current watering hole at a lower cost than in high season. There are plenty of options for different types of pools, but one thing is for sure: now is the time to build! So, keep reading for the information you need to create the backyard of your dreams now so you can sit waterside, sipping something sweet later. 


The Reason for the Off-Season 

Now you know — winter is the off-season for pool builders. Consumers are usually focused on building closer to the summer when taking a dip is something they wish they could be doing, or when they realize their existing oasis could use a much needed refresh. For that reason, there is often a decrease in demand for both materials as well as the labor of builders. Lucky for you, that means a lower cost for building or refreshing your personal paradise. So, now is the perfect time to get your favorite summer spot ready while also maximizing the bang for your buck. 


Let’s Dive In

Getting ready to have the perfect pool means starting with what your goals are. That requires deciding what your ideal looks like to you and how to get there. First, are you building it from scratch, or simply refreshing what you already have? Whatever your plan is, you will need to know the different types of pools and the best way to keep your pool deck waterproofed so you and your guests can splash around carefree. 


Different Types of Pools

If you are looking for something sturdy and permanent, the best option is to go with an in-ground. There are three main types of in-grounds for you to choose from: vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete with plaster. Below is your quick rundown of these different types of pools.


Vinyl entails a plastic or metal frame joined with the vinyl liner laying on top of a chosen material, such as sand. The liner is held in place by the edge, or the coping. An advantage of this style is its lower initial cost. On the other hand, a drawback of vinyl is that you might worry about puncturing which can happen when things like branches fall in and press against the inside. Replacing the liner can be expensive, costing around $5,000 and often needs to be done every 5 years or so when it deteriorates, unless you invest in a UV and fungus inhibitor which can extend the life further. However, vinyl does allow for a larger area at a lower price, an upside for many looking for something as big as they can get.


Fiberglass is a large frame or shell that arrives in one piece and is dropped into a hole created to fit it perfectly in your yard. Since the fiberglass is ready-made, it restricts your flexibility in terms of design, but not to worry, you will still have several options to choose from. This option is often more initially pricey, however it usually costs less in the long run. One noteworthy advantage is that fiberglass makes the process relatively simple and fast, taking only around two days to install after excavation, in comparison to different types of pools which often take significantly longer. A great bonus to fiberglass is that it is very low maintenance due to its smooth and, for the most part, non-porous design.


Concrete with Plaster is an option with steel reinforced concrete which is sprayed with shotcrete or gunite. This allows for more flexibility with the shape but it takes longer to build. You are also welcome to opt for special finishes to add your own personal touch for this option. For example, you can add various materials to the surface like stone or tile. For a creative and interesting design, concrete with plaster is probably the best option for you. The downside is that the bottom is quite porous which allows algae to more readily grow. These factors, and others, contribute to the fact that concrete with plaster might cost you more in the long run.


Building A Pool Deck

Regardless which of the different types of pools you decide on, you will need a deck. This highly underrated part of your oasis is actually incredibly important. This is where you hang out when you are not actually inside. Moreover, this is effectively the splash zone! This means having a waterproof pool deck is necessary for full enjoyment of your waterside paradise. Be sure to call in the experts, WICR Waterproofing and Construction, to ensure that your deck is just as ready to go as your new or renovated watering hole. 


A pool is the part of your home that you can look forward to using for relaxation and making memories each and every year. So, as you pass this winter indoors, think about starting your renovation now to get the best value from your pool builder. Enjoy your holiday season, kick your goals into action, and start this upcoming summer with a splash!

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