Is your family looking to splash into summer safely? A pool construction project is always a careful undertaking. But when children are involved, knowing how to build a pool deck with a kid-friendly design is crucial to the safety and enjoyment of the whole family. Everything from non-slip surfaces to heat resistant and waterproof materials must be taken into consideration based on your personalized needs. So keep reading to find out the best tips to ensure that your summer experience is safe and fun for the whole family. 


Don’t Trip!

Of course, we want the kids to have fun and play, but it can be too hard to relax knowing that they are running around on the slippery, wet pool deck surface. Kids get excited and run, even when told not to. That’s why non-slip pool deck surfaces or materials with traction are a good call to ensure your pool is as kid-friendly as it can be!


This means choosing materials that are even and level. Your pool deck surface needs to be smooth enough to avoid tripping but without it being too smooth that the kids might slip. A happy medium might be a textured finish so that it’s sleek and fun, but with slip-proof traction. When adding texture, keep in mind how tough the surface might be on softened wet feet from long hours in the warm pool. Find a surface that will be both safe and gentle for your little ones!


Feeling the Heat

Summertime means sunshine, so we know it is going to get hot! As temperatures are rising, so will the surface of your pool deck. Ensure your outdoor oasis is safe for kids with materials that keep things cool enough in the summer sun. 


If your little ones are running around during peak sun hours, you have to think of their sensitive feet. To avoid them getting burned, your design should feature light, reflective colors, or a heat-resistant surface.



Let’s face it, If your kids don’t like your pool, neither will you! Make sure your pool deck design does not hinder the summer fun. For younger kids, consider adding a smaller kiddie pool. This can look great and be the ideal place for the young ones to get used to the water. For the older kids, consider integrating a pool deck with a ledge or diving board!


Splash into Summer

We know kids are doing dives and cannonballs into the pool. With all of the inevitable splashing, you don’t want to worry about water damage. At WICR, we have all the resources you need for waterproofing your pool deck. Not only can you relax knowing you don’t have to worry about water damage to your deck, but waterproofing also helps prevent pesky things like algae, acid, mold, mildew, and chemicals from wreaking havoc on your deck too.

If you’re ready to start your kid-friendly pool construction project, the pros at WICR Waterproofing and Construction are here to make sure your pool is as ready for summer fun as your kiddos! Get started by visiting us at