Now that summer is over and your family’s fun-in-the-sun time has been cut to a minimum, it’s time to start thinking about fixing, improving and maintaining your pool deck, specifically, waterproofing it. Winter is a great time to do this for a whole host of reasons. Primarily because it is much cheaper than during the high season of summer where everyone is looking to make some changes. It’s also great because you have more time to think about what you want your pool deck to look like, and you have the time to plan your upgrades accordingly. Keep reading for reasons why winter is the perfect season to refinish, upgrade and waterproof your pool deck. 

Best Bang for Your Buck

During the summer, waterproofing your pool deck can get very expensive, since everyone is trying to make use of their pool. When the winter hits, nobody really thinks about the amount of work you can get done, and so you can usually find work at a much cheaper price. If you have a water leak in your pool deck, it’s best to get it fixed in winter along with any other cracks or stains, because you’ll truly get a better price for it. Once everything is fixed, then you’ll have all summer to enjoy your pool while others may be arriving late to the party.

Planning Ahead for Spring & Summer

The winter is the perfect time to think about how you want to spend your summer. You’ll have more time to observe what’s going on with your pool deck and think about what needs fixing, and what needs a full on waterproofing. You’ll start to think of great pool deck ideas, and since everything is much less in demand, you’ll be able to make these refurbishments in time. During the winter you’ll also be able to do more since nobody will be using the pool and you can simply get all your waterproofing needs taken care of at the same time.

More Time for Upgrades

The fun part about having more time to think about what you want to do with your pool deck for summer, is you can think about how you want to upgrade it! Maybe you want some new planters installed in your outdoor area. Perhaps it’s time to modernize the pool deck with new furniture. Regardless of the improvements you want to make, you’ll have the time to really decide what’s best for you and your family’s needs. 


All in all, the winter time is a great time to fix anything that you’ve been waiting to fix since you’ll have plenty of time where the pool is not in use. It’s much more difficult to make changes when everyone is enjoying your pool and outdoor area. For all your waterproofing needs, make sure to contact the expert professionals at WICR, so we can make sure all your waterproofing needs are taken care of, right in time for summer.