It’s finally that time again – time to dust off your outdoor furniture, move off those leaves and enjoy your deck again. Like many of us, your deck may be in need of a little extra care to really get it ready for the summer. Here are some easy outdoor deck ideas that will ensure you make the most of your space this season.


Give It a Deep Clean

After months of colder weather, your deck may be a little neglected by the time summer rolls around. The first step in transforming your outdoor space is to make sure it’s nice and clean. Move off all furniture, clear away any debris or dirt that may have collected over time, and give your deck a good rinse and scrub. This will not only give you a clean slate to start off the summer, it will also make it easier to spot any potential repairs you may need to make.


Make Repairs

To enjoy your deck this summer, you’ll need to make sure it’s actually safe to use. After you’ve cleared your deck, check the boards, railings, and every other piece of your deck to ensure it’s structurally sound, free of any water damage, and looking its best. If you notice anything that needs fixing, now is the time to make those repairs to get your outdoor space ready to be enjoyed this summer.


Add Some Shade

Although spending time in the sun is what summer is all about, too much direct sunlight can not only give you a sunburn, it can also cause real damage to your deck. Try investing in a big umbrella to shade your seating area, or a sun shade that extends across the entire deck. This will ensure you don’t miss out on any outside time because it’s too hot, and your deck will stay looking its best.


Update Your Decor

To really get the most out of your deck, it shouldn’t just be functional, it should also be beautiful! Decorating your deck for the summer really can make all the difference. Placing some greenery, like potted plants, around your deck will help it feel more lively. Outdoor candles add a nice ambience and some can even help to repel bugs; and colorful seating, tables, and other accents will tie everything together. Adding touches that make it feel like an extension of your home, not a separate space, will really help you use the space to its full potential.


As always, make sure to waterproof your deck, with Southern California’s waterproofing and decking experts, WICR. Working with the professionals will extend the life of your deck through the summer, and beyond. So get outside and enjoy that brand new space!