During the winter months your pool will not be in use as often as it was during summer. This does not mean you can just forget about it and leave it until spring. Consistent pool maintenance is very important for keeping it clean and pristine and ready for whenever you’re ready to use it again. Having a pool takes time and patience due to the amount of maintenance it can take, but the more prepared you are, the better your pool will look, and the more often you will be able to use it. Here are our tips on how to take care of your pool during the off season.


Keep it Covered

Covering your pool properly makes a huge difference during the winter months. Although living in Southern California you won’t have to worry about snow, the wind and rain can carry debris as well as dirt that can really affect your pool’s filters. Make sure to fasten the cover correctly so that it will not blow away.


Keep the Cover Clean

It’s not enough to just put a cover over your pool, you must also remove debris as it falls onto it to avoid any complications. Swimming pool maintenance is all about cleanliness, you cannot expect to keep the inside of your pool clean if the cover is filled with branches and dirt. You have to think about when you remove the cover how much of that debris will fall in. Pool care takes work, but it’s worth it when you have a beautiful pool that everyone will want to jump into.


Importance of Pool Deck Coating

Make sure to maintain the coating for your pool deck. While your pool may not be in use, that does not mean that things cannot go wrong. It is best to keep the area around it clean as well so that nothing falls in or piles up. Better yet, be sure to perform routine reseals so that excess water does not penetrate it. This will keep your pool safe from the winter weather.


Chemistry is Important

While it may sound like we are asking you to turn into a master chemist, it is extremely necessary for proper off-season pool care to make sure the pH balance is correct. If your pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid and calcium hardness are out of standard ranges it can really destroy your pool equipment and filtration system. These can be extremely expensive to replace so better to get out there and test the water every once in a while to make sure it’s a safe and healthy environment.


Check Your Water Levels

An important factor in your pool care during the off season is monitoring your water level. Make sure that it is correctly topped off so that you protect your pump. Check to make sure your water level is correct for the climate that you are living in – for warmer environments that do not get below freezing temperatures in the winter, it’s fine to keep your pool filled almost to the top. Doing this will make sure that your pool is prime and ready for when the season starts up in the warmer months.

In order to have correct swimming pool maintenance it’s important to simply continue paying attention to your pool, that way you will not get behind and it will stay clean for whenever you need it. But if you’re looking for more permanent pool maintenance, such as coating or waterproofing your pool deck, turn to the experts at WICR. With over 40 years of experience, WICR can handle any improvements your pool deck needs – keeping it in tip-top shape for years to come.