Having a wooden deck on your property means making it one of the safest places it can possibly be. Aside from childproofing your wooden deck, it should also have waterproof deck flooring to make it safe and protected from harsh weather conditions.

Your waterproof deck flooring and the entire structure should also be protected from fire accidents especially in wildfire-prone areas. It will not safeguard your property, but it will give you peace of mind. But how do you fireproof your wood deck anyway?

Whether it is an existing deck or you’re planning to install a new one, there are ways to fireproof your wooden deck:


How to Fireproof an existing Wooden Deck

These may not entirely eliminate the danger of fire accidents to happen but following these simple tips can at least lessen the risks.

These are just preventive measures to reduce the strength of the heat; to protect your deck and your home. But if time and budget allow, it is still better to install a new fireproofed deck.

  • Have a dedicated fire extinguisher on standby to take care of fire emergencies. Do not forget to include water hoses nearby.
  • Remove all combustible materials away from the deck. Materials that can be possible sources of fire must be put away including things that are under the deck, and stuff 5 feet around the deck.
  • If you have an outdoor grill installed on the deck or a few meters away from the deck, always practice extra precautionary measures. Do not leave your outdoor grill when in use and make sure to extinguish the fire after use.
  • Install a non-combustible fiber cement enclosure on the bottom of the joint of the waterproof deck flooring.
  • Do not store flammable materials under and on top of the wooden deck.
  • Keep the waterproof deck flooring free of leaves, pine needles, and easily ignited materials that have accumulated between the gaps of the wooden deck.
  • If your plan to enclose your deck, provide sufficient ventilation. Always adhere to local and government national building code requirements.
  • Regularly clean the deck board joints and other areas on and around the wooden deck for accumulated debris.
  • Repair or replace rotted wood deck boards and support.
  • Enclose the other side of the deck to reduce the risk of fire: vertical or horizontal enclosure.

Regardless if you prefer to install waterproof deck flooring on your property, it can still be fireproofed from the beginning. It is better to consult with a professional when it comes to your deck installation or repair projects.


Deck Installation and Waterproofing

Professional deck installation and repair contractors are equipped with the experience and knowledge to help you with everything that you need.

Getting professional help will help you weigh all the options available for building or enhancing your dream deck. Professional installers are licensed, certified, and backed with the years of experience, so you are guaranteed of satisfying results that are within your budget.

From detailed plans to execution of the design, independent contractors will make the magic happen; right for your home and budget.


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