Your deck is a place of fun and festivities for the whole family. The opportunities to create and celebrate are endless! From outdoor gatherings to holiday-themed light displays, your deck can put a smile on your face, the kids faces, and the whole neighborhood! Read on to keep up with the latest deck decorating ideas for an oasis the whole family can enjoy.


Holiday Display

Deck the halls, and your deck! The holidays are right around the corner— always! Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, or anything in between, your deck is the ideal place to show your holiday spirit. Deck lighting is a surefire way to get creative with your deck. Try to string the railings with outdoor lights for a year round glow, no matter what the nearest holiday is. During the winter months, add festive decorations like a light up snowman! In the spring, have a mini Easter egg hunt by tucking away eggs in and around pots or furniture. The small space provides a cozy and impactful celebration for everyone involved!


Garden Getaway

Step outside into a mini tropical paradise, or your very own on-deck garden. Whether you are a home cook or just a homeowner looking for a little green getaway, your deck is the perfect place to add some plants to amp up your deck decorating or to have a garden close by. Keep your herbs fresh and homegrown with planters on your deck! Also, be sure to consider the sunlight. Opt for Vitamin D for yourself and your plants so you can skip the grow lights or crowded windows indoors.


Kiddo Corral

Need a place for the kids to play where they can roam free but where you can still keep an eye on them? Your deck is the ideal spot. The railing keeps them safe near the house but still enjoying the outdoors. So kick back, relax, and sip on your drink of choice while the kids safely explore the deck and their imaginations.


Tree House Terrace

If there are any trees nearby, turn your deck into a treetop destination for the kids or for you too! The ideas for a treehouse inspired look are endless! Hang bird feeders on nearby branches or grab some binoculars to do some bird watching right from the deck. At night, bring the kids out with a telescope to look up at space or have your partner join you for a romantic evening getaway. 


Mini Kiddie Pool 

A pool is a big investment, but well worth it! If you are not quite ready for an in-ground pool, start small by adding a kiddie pool to your deck. Deck waterproofing is a great way to ensure that your deck is safe as your kids play. Your little ones will be able splash around and you will be worry free, knowing that WICR has got your deck covered (and coated)! 


Now is the time to implement the latest deck decorating ideas for a fun and festive space for the holidays and the whole year. The experts at WICR Waterproofing and Construction have over 40 years of experience, to ensure your deck waterproofing is done right and your family is ready for even the messiest of fun!

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