A balcony is a great addition to any home because it doesn’t only extend your living space outdoors, but it also allows you to make the most of your property while adding value to it for the future. But balcony decking can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to choosing the right material for your deck.


For a lot of homeowners, IPE wood is becoming a popular choice because of its durability and strength. In fact, IPE is the second hardest wood in the world making it a great investment for your home.


The benefits of IPE wood decking


  • IPE wood ages well. IPE wood is a strong and high-density type of hardwood that you can guarantee will last long even in outdoor conditions. It is, in fact, three times stronger than cedarwood and up to eight times harder than California redwood. And if that’s not enough, IPE wood actually has the same Class A fire rating as steel and concrete.


  • IPE wood is resistant to wear and tear. Some people think that IPE wood is an expensive material, but it’s actually for good reason. With your balcony decking being exposed to the elements, IPE wood is actually a dream material because it doesn’t rot or decay and it is resistant to fungus, insect and mold infestation. IPE even has the highest rating for termite resistance from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.


  • IPE wood is stunning. You can keep everything else in your deck simple, but with IPE wood as your material, you’ll instantly get that luxurious feel without putting in too much effort. This type of tropical wood is stunning and it ranges from the blackish shades to olive.


IPE is also very tight-grained, so you won’t almost see any knots on it. With the right oiling, you can keep its natural color for a long time. If not, IPE wood still ages to its silver-gray color, which is just as stunning.


What to expect with IPE wood for decks


With all the benefits of IPE wood as a balcony decking material, it’s easy to see why a lot of homeowners choose it over other options. But a sturdy and hard material also means that you need to set proper expectations, especially when installing it.


For one, IPE wood is heavy so you have to find a contractor that can do the loading and unloading for you. IPE is also hardwood so you can’t install it by yourself because it requires proper tools and equipment. This is why it pays to work with professionals for the job instead of doing it by yourself. After all, you’re investing good money in your deck, so make sure that everything is done right to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the long run.


Choosing the right material for your deck is definitely an important part of this project. So if you can pick the best option out there, you can definitely enjoy the value that comes with your investment.


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