Having a Class A fire-rated deck flooring is a requirement in many states of the U.S., especially in California. The reason for that is because any deck has a potential for catching fire, particularly when the area installed will be near the fire ring or outdoor grill.

In towns where the risk of wildfire is high, you must consider products to serve your needs.


Why Dex O Tex?

Dex O Tex waterproofing products for decks and concrete are able to protect a wide range of commercial and residential surfaces. If you have parking garages, pedestrian walkways, or residential decks and balconies, you need to consider the use of waterproofing products for added protection.

While your decking materials are compliant to Class A fire rating, you can’t prevent the exposure of wood from environmental and artificial factors. That is why Dex O Tex offers a wide range of waterproofing solutions to decks and concrete surfaces.


What Is Class A Fire-Rated Decking?

Class A fire-rated means that a construction assembly or material would cause a lower flame spread in the event of accidental fire. There are several test standards and building codes that classify assemblies and materials and Class A fire rating is used to determine their compliance.

The state of California, for example, has a building code requiring builders to create an acceptable defensible space around the building or home, including the deck area.

Chapter 7A of the building code specifies the mandatory use of fire retardant materials in commercial and residential decks across the state.


Fire-Resistant Decking Materials

  • Composite Boards

Decks can easily catch fire, whether from falling charcoal from your grill or some windblown embers. You can avoid this from happening by building a safer decking with a Class A-rated composite decking made from wood fiber and PVC.


  • Wood and Glass Boards

There are also pressure-treated deck boards with fire retardants that tend to leach toxins over time. This type of material will degrade both the stability of the wood and the environment. That is why a toxin-free alternative is made by soaking lumber in liquid glass and baking it. This produces a Class A fire rating that resists insects and rot and can be cut and stained similar to regular wood decking.


  • Pressure-Treated Wood

Flame-retardant chemicals can be impregnated in wood. This is an economical choice for fire-resistant decking solutions. The treated southern yellow pine passes the Class A rating in flame-spread testing with a score of 15.


  • Fire-Retardant Treated Wood

Lumber treated with fire retardants can be used safely with traditional stick framing. This type of fire-retardant lumber has a Class A rating, which is an affordable alternative to other non-combustible materials for framing. Basically, fire retardant treated wood is also excellent for eaves and deck undersides were vulnerable to windblown embers.

You can avoid accidental fires from happening if you avoid the degradation of your deck installation by having Dex O Tex handle it. Waterproofing solutions are well suited for raised access flooring and for projects that require waterproof coating and sealers for promenade decks.


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