Sealing your concrete protects it from stains, oil, dirt, water damage, and other contaminants. It protects the concrete from environmental conditions and extends its durability. A good concrete waterproof deck coating will make your patio, deck, floor, or driveway keep the aesthetics and looking beautiful. Even in wear and tear condition, the best concrete waterproof sealer will restore its original spectacular look.

Since concrete is mostly the main choice for commercial and residential properties, it is important to maintain its look for years. Garage, basement, floors, pool decks, and patio must be properly sealed for durability and functionality.

So, what are the best concrete waterproof sealers available? What makes a good waterproof deck coating? Concrete sealers are categorized into two: film-forming sealer and penetrating sealer.

Film-forming sealer forms a thin protective film to protect your concrete’s surface. Commonly referred to as topical concrete sealers, film-forming sealers include urethane, epoxy, and acrylics.

Film-coating sealers can be solvent-based concrete sealer and water-based concrete sealer. Solvent-based is commonly used in outdoor concrete surfaces and gives a glossy finish.

However, film-forming sealer needs to be applied regularly as it is susceptible to wear. For that glossy finish while enhancing the look of your concrete, choose film-forming sealer.

On the other hand, a water-based solvent comes with a low sheen but provides continuous seal and coating when applied to concrete surfaces.

Penetrating sealer gives a natural finish on the outer look of your concrete. Penetrating sealers like silicates, silanes, and siloxanes penetrate into the concrete to create a chemical barrier to protect from water and moisture. These impregnating concrete sealers are the best choice for exterior applications as they do not peel or wear away. It will protect your concrete for a span of years and can be reapplied easily when needed.


Can waterproof deck coating be done DIY?

If you are confident you can do the job, you can do DIY. Although most concrete sealers are applied the same way, it is still best to refer to the instructions that come with the sealer that you are using. To ensure success in your DIY project, always:

Make sure that the deck or concrete surface is clean and dry

Seal the concrete when the weather is dry

Apply sealer in thin layers

Apply two (2) coats for optimum protection

Another tip, solvent-based sealers work best when spray applied and water-based sealers work best when roller applied.

To always wear the necessary protective gear when doing DIY projects.


What makes for the best waterproof deck coating?

The best concrete sealer must:

Not change the color of the concrete surface

Lasts for years

Dries quickly

Minimal odor

Easy to apply especially for those meaning to do DIY

Resist scratches and dents

Provide good coverage

Prevents flaking, peeling, and scaling for freeze-thaw damage

Allow moisture and air to escape


When choosing the best waterproof concrete sealer, always choose a waterproof sealer that hardens your concrete at the same time to protect and waterproof the surface to prevent damage.


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