Waterproofing is an essential part of real estate ownership. Almost all types of properties require effective waterproofing to ensure the building’s longevity and safety. Whether it be a personal home, a multi-family apartment building or a commercial building, several steps need to be taken to make sure that the property has been taken care of. Although many types of buildings require proper waterproofing, some do so more than others. Here is our list of the properties that need to be waterproofed the most. 

Residential Buildings

It goes without saying that where people actually live is of the utmost importance to them. After all, this is where we sleep, spend most of our time and take care of our families. Waterproofing our homes not only improves their value, but their safety too. Water leaks caused by ongoing winter storms, can lead to severe, costly, and even dangerous consequences. An excess buildup of water can affect the building’s foundations, and even lead to mold if left unnoticed. Both of these can lead to devastating results which is why it’s always better to take the necessary steps to ensure that every room in your building has been properly waterproofed to keep everyone inside safe and sound. 

Commercial Properties

Since in a commercial building there will be many different tenants in many different types of industries, it is important to make sure your building is protected from rain and water in general. The building would normally last decades with minor refurbishments if everything is taken care of. This way tenants can move in and out but the building remains intact and safe for occupying. If too much water gets into the walls of a building, it can work its way to the foundation and really damage a building from the bottom up. If damage became too serious, the building would have to be closed for expensive repairs and upgrades, while all the tenants would have to vacate for an extended period of time. This would be very damaging to the property owner. 

Industrial Units

Industrial buildings are used to house all sorts of operations. And more often than not, they’ll hold expensive equipment that if damaged, could lead to dangerous circumstances for the workers inside, not to mention lost product. Water has a tendency to enter into every nook and cranny of a building, and that means that everything from heavy duty machinery, to important files, receipts and invoices will be lost in the event of a water leak. 


Many times warehouses are used for storage, and sometimes they’re storing valuable property. If the items in the storage become damp and wet, it could ruin much of that company’s stock, which could lead to serious liability on the part of the building’s owners. And one challenging aspect of these buildings is that leaks could be building within the walls, or between the roof and ceiling. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, or when the building has been left vacant for a couple weeks, those leaks could burst and soak everything in sight. That’s why every warehouse needs to be protected to the fullest. 

When looking to purchase a new building, the first thing you need to research is how long ago the building was waterproofed. If it has been too long or not at all — make sure to contact the waterproofing pros at WICR Inc. We can handle any type of building and all of your waterproofing needs. We’ll make sure that whichever building you own is safe for those who will be working or living inside it.