The holiday season is finally here! That means colder, wetter days and less sunshine. Although this is great for having a cozy day in, it’s not so great for the environment it creates for black mold on your deck— and trust us, this is a problem you don’t want to have. So, keep reading for industry knowledge on how to keep the mold on deck to a minimum so you can enjoy your deck to the maximum!



You may not have visible mold just yet, but did you know it can still be lurking on your deck? Mold spores can start to grow before you see them. And once mold starts, it spreads. This is something you are going to want to tackle before it begins. Beyond the unsightly nature of black mold on deck wood, it can rot or decay your deck. It can even infiltrate the stains and sealers you have if it gets out of hand. This is a clear safety hazard, so don’t let it sit.



As we have mentioned, the risk of black mold on wood is not something you want to take. Routine prevention measures are well worth it to ensure that your deck is safe and clean. On a regular basis, try to dry off wet spots on your deck. Keep a close eye on shaded areas as that is where mold is likely to start first without the sunshine to keep it away. Don’t worry too much, there are products that can help with this! Try a deck mold cleaner product that works to prevent mold, mildew, algae, and lichen. Repeat this process bi-yearly while you sit back and let it do its magic so there is no mold on deck for your deck!



Black mold on deck wood may be a problem you are already stuck with. If it is too late for prevention, deck mold remover is a great option to get the mold gone before it causes permanent damage. To remove the mold, use a deck mold cleaner. Make sure the solution you use has special ingredients that will actually get the job done. You can use either a bleach and water mixture or a deck mold remover with sodium percarbonate. 


Keep in mind that using bleach on deck wood is more of a last resort option— but sometimes the situation calls for it. If you opt for the bleaching option, be sure to do it safely. Bleach is a risky product so be sure to mix a ratio with five times the amount of water and use either a brush or a pressure washing machine to remove it fully from your deck. After the deck is cleaned, apply a coat of the best deck stain or sealer for your deck type to refresh your deck and keep it mold free.  



The best course of action to make sure your outdoor deck is safe, sturdy, and clean is to call in professionals to assess the damage, resolve any problems, and use the right coatings to protect your deck’s safety and longevity. Deck waterproofing can be the best option to prevent mold in the first place. At WICR Waterproofing and Contruction, we have a team of expert decking and waterproofing professionals that is there for anything you need to make sure your deck is the way you want it to be. So, give us a call and enjoy this winter with no mold on deck for your holiday season.


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