san diego waterproofing

Parts of a stucco deck waterproofing system are metal, which provide support and drainage. However, if this metal is exposed or does not drain properly, it will rust and fail, allowing water to penetrate the waterproofing systems and go into the underlying deck or building structure. Repairs costs can be high once water has seeped through to the structural components; this is why identifying any exposed metal at an early stage is extremely important.

By catching small cracks or exposed metal at the surface level, we prevent mold, leaks and potential rotting. Correcting exposed metal before it begins to rust protects the underlying structural integrity and prevents costly repairs. Most property managers choose to adhere to waterproofing manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and reseal their decks every 3 years.
Contact an experienced and manufacturer-certified waterproofing contractor, such as WICR Waterproofing and Decking, at first sight of exposed metal, patina or rust.