Are you looking to have a deck waterproofing project any time this year? If so, you have to do it as soon as possible. Note that most of Southern California has not yet entered the rainy season, which is a perfect time for you to invest in waterproof deck coating.


The best time to apply waterproof deck coating


There are a few factors that determine the best time for you to waterproof your deck.


Deck age


You must consider waterproofing your deck if it has completely dried out. If your deck has just been done, you are likely looking at a certain level of wood moisture that makes it difficult for any sealant to absorb.


The waiting time can be from 3 months to 1 year depending on the type of wood that your deck is made of. But if your deck is older, you want to do so every 12-18 months.




There are sealants that will work best in a particular range of temperature. Most sealants will need between 2-4 days without rain and at a temperature below 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure proper drying and absorption. Fortunately, Southern California has this type of weather most of the year.




Between the cleaning and sealing processes, a period of at least 2-3 days is needed to dry out the deck. So, you will want to wait for a period of 5-6 days of clear weather to achieve this.


Protect your deck from water damage


All deck owners need to prepare for the rainy season, particularly during winter or spring. If not properly prepared for, rain can cause significant damage to your deck.


You must consider waterproof deck coating in order to protect the deck and keep it long lasting. Note that rainwater will affect wood faster and more harshly than it will on other materials like tile or concrete.


Since wood is more susceptible to water, an unprotected wood deck can lead to water damage, rot, and structural damage which causes a danger to deck users.


Stone and tile can be good options instead of wood and are more solid; however, they are still porous and can absorb water over time. Water will get into the cracks causing the material to expand, further opening the cracks. Waterproofing maintenance will still be necessary here, just less frequently that with wood.


Colder temperatures can also cause freezing of materials, leading to more damage to the surface and overall structure of your deck.


Protect your deck by staining


Staining can help in protecting your deck by adding another layer to protect it from the elements. Freshly stained decks can still be susceptible to water. So it is important to ensure no rain is coming for a few days after staining.


Applying waterproof deck coating can help in protecting your deck. A variety of sealants can be used to avoid the elements from causing damage to your deck. Waterproofing is the ultimate solution in order keep your deck clear of water damage and maintain excellent condition for a longer period.

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