For any deck or balcony plans, options for deck waterproofing should not be ignored. If you have plans of adding a deck or balcony on your existing structure or building a new house, it is crucial to have it fully waterproofed. It adds value to your property and ensures durability. Hence, choosing the best waterproof deck systems is essential.

You know that you have waterproofed your deck the right way if it can hold excessive water standing due to floor or ground slope. Secondly, it can handle weather changes, intense cold, and heat temperatures such as the free-thaw-freeze cycle.

Lastly, it is aesthetically designed without compromising functionality despite weather, debris, insects, foot traffic, and weight loading.


Different waterproof deck systems available

Balconies and decks must be sealed watertight. Waterproof solutions are available to protect decks and balconies from water and weather damage. So, what are these options?

  • Deck membranes and sprouts – deck membranes are made of plastic or vinyl which is placed between the decking and substructure. It is a solution to waterproof below decks by attaching membranes to joist spaces below the decking. A professional installer will attach a gutter below the sprout to catch water and channel it away from the deck and below deck area.
  • Waterproof vinyl or tiles – these are the two most common and effective waterproof deck systems but do not last for a longer period. However, choosing any of these options means frequent change. Waterproof vinyl and tiles easily get damaged due to exposure to weather change, cuts, and other outside elements.
  • Waterproof coatings and coverings – superficial solutions are also available to waterproof your decks. Polymer enhanced coating and metal latch covering are cheaper waterproof deck systems, but these solutions require regular touch-ups. And although considered more effective to wear and tear compared to vinyl, you still have to keep up with the time and maintenance it requires.
  • Aluminum decking boards – one of the recent additions to waterproof deck solutions that are aesthetically pleasing since coatings are available in different colors and are naturally waterproof.
  • Vinyl and PVC decking boards – these decking boards work by using an interconnecting board style to prevent water from going through the deck surface. However, vinyl and PVC surfaces are easily scratched or cut. Colors easily fade too due to sun exposure.
  • Waterproof deck flanges – a much simpler approached compared to deck membranes, deck flanges act as mini-gutters to lead water away from deck edges. The design also acts as spacers between boards.


Professional Assistance

Whatever your choice of waterproof deck systems is, it’s still best to seek professional assistance to help determine which works best for your deck. A certified deck installation and repair services provider will be able to provide the best fit for your needs according to your dream deck design plan or existing structure.

Waterproof deck systems, products, and solutions are available to help you achieve its best looks and functionality. Professional deck services will help you achieve your dream waterproofed deck.


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