Now that you are spending more time at home, your deck has likely become a daily outdoor oasis. But maybe you’ve noticed some splinters sticking out of the wood, or an increasingly concerning leak forming. When it comes to outdoor deck repair, some tasks seem pretty approachable – needing just a couple trips to the home repair store and some elbow grease. But other tasks might seem more daunting and require an expert to take a look. Keep reading to find out when to do it yourself and when to take the DIY day off!


DIY Projects

Pressing Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to refresh your deck. It is also a necessary step to prep before diving into your deck repair when refinishing. This is something you can do yourself if you have access to a pressure washer. If you don’t, you can pick up an attachment at your local home improvement store. Once the deck has been power washed, be sure to let it dry out completely. This should take a few days! In the meantime, get your stain ready and prepare to see your deck come back to life.



When you feel like you can no longer walk on your deck barefoot, it’s time to get sanding. This is a fairly simple deck repair task that you can DIY. For larger decks with serious splintering, it is best to bring in an electric sander. Make sure to go over all areas of your deck that need some extra TLC. Be sure to sand evenly to ensure that your deck is left nice and smooth.



Is your deck looking dull? This simple deck repair and refresh is an easy DIY! Choose a deck oil from your favorite hardware store. Remember to first sand and clean your deck, (allowing it to thoroughly dry), and then you’re ready to go. Be sure to follow all safety precautions as some deck oils or sealers can be somewhat toxic. Also, you’ll want to choose a dry series of days to get this done. Polishing your deck not only adds years of life to your deck, but it also improves the look, too.



Since having some shade on your deck will greatly extend your comfort and usage, purchasing a few large outdoor umbrellas is a relatively inexpensive way to do this. If you’d like to step up your deck game, consider adding a pergola for a refined touch and some extra cover.


Professional Projects


Adding a Cover

Adding permanent coverings can be a laborious and dangerous process without the right tools and experience. Any structural elements like roofs or extensions require the expertise you get from the pros. Because of the amount of work involved, building anything overhead poses a risk if not done properly. Skip the DIY and call in professionals with the right equipment and training.


Repairing a Leak

A leaking deck is something you’ll want to handle right away, the right way. In order to avoid further damage, call in the professionals to get your deck repair completed, including waterproofing. You don’t want to have to deal with a mold or rotting problem causing you to replace your deck later. Don’t DIY, call in the experts!


Extensive Deck Repairs

After you have had your deck for some time, structural damage and normal wear and tear can occur. Bring the pros in to handle things like cracking for concrete and the aging of wood. Most importantly, waterproofing makes sure your deck lasts for the long haul and is safe for you and your family to gather on.


Whatever your deck repair needs, if you can’t DIY it, call us! WICRs team of trained waterproofing and decking professionals are here to help you re-create the deck you’ve been dreaming about!

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