Safety should always be the top priority of any construction project. As weather and life happens a building experiences normal wear and tear that compromises the safety and integrity of the surface. Consequently, when it comes to commercial decks, balconies, or terraces, the safety of your guests is in your hands. Due to this immense responsibility is why deck inspection is 100% necessary to maintain the safety of your building and confidence as a property owner. Keep reading to learn more about what this entails and how to keep your property and its occupants safe! 


The Inspection 

Building owners are responsible for the inspections of any outdoor raised surfaces. Each deck inspection should include evaluation of all of the following parts of a commercial deck: waterproofing, flashing systems, drains, doors, siding, railings, stairs, handrails, mounting plates, stucco, beams, and structural supports. Every aspect of the evaluation is an important part of ensuring the overall safety of a commercial building.


The Law

The SB 721 law , ensures that all commercial buildings keep decks and balconies in good condition and don’t pose any threats to those who use them. SB 721 emphasizes the value and necessity of safety. Decks, balconies, and their waterproofing systems are essential parts of a building. They are extremely dangerous without proper upkeep, therefore a waterproofing expert ensures proper professional inspection.

The Risk

While there is not a penalty to the owner of a commercial building, a deck inspection is still important. Avoiding inspection is a risky financial and legal decision. Neglecting an inspection can lead to problems if an occupant files a safety claim. If the owner of the building has not carried out inspection’s to ensure the safety of the building, they cannot claim a lack of awareness of the risk. As a result, the owner must claim responsibility for the upkeep of the building in the event of legal action.

Remember, the new law SB 721 is here for a reason! Deck inspection is also a great way to keep on top of the overall value of a commercial building. Evaluating these factors helps keep a property in the best possible shape and prevent accruing avoidable costs in the future. WICR Waterproofing and Construction is here for all of your commercial deck inspection needs. Visit here to schedule a consultation, or move forward with an inspection!


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