It’s 2021, and that means staying in is the new going out. So, while you are enjoying the inside of your home this winter, you can look forward to spending time in your outdoor spaces in the coming months. Optimizing your outdoor living space with the latest and greatest deck innovations is a surefire way to make your deck the only place you’ll want to be. Keep reading for everything you’ll need, from covered deck ideas to deck lighting ideas, that will leave you excited to stay at home. 



If you are looking for the most innovative deck lighting ideas out there, consider the minimalism and practicality of integrating it into your railing. You may have seen globe lights strung around railings, but the new trend of adding built-in lighting takes it to the next level. Consider installing railings that have lights built into the columns, creating a sleek and elegant design that is the perfect complement to a modern style.


For an even fresher take, add a bar top around your railing with small lights underneath. This will maximize your ability to entertain as well as your visibility during evening gatherings in the future! If you prefer a minimalist style and aren’t in need of any extra lighting, try swapping your railings for metal cable – the cutting edge of style and functionality.


Covered Decks

When the sun is shining, you will probably want to kick back and soak up the rays on your deck! But it helps to have a little shade every once in a while when it gets hot. That is why covered decks are the perfect way to maximize the versatility and usability of your space. One way to do this is to add a large and sturdy pergola with a hanging daybed. This way, you can relax outdoors with a little shade to keep you cool. For more cover and added style, add a white sheet or trailing vines.


Another great covered deck idea is the addition of a floating roof. This can be added on after your original construction is completed to give you some much needed shade for your eating or seating areas. The modern look and sheer practicality of a floating roof adds style and function to your deck — not to mention the awe factor!



For timeless style, unique inlays are a simple yet powerful upgrade to your deck. Consider different patterns and materials to make your space fit your personality and your lifestyle. If you like a nautical feel, try sleek wood planks inlaid at angles to emphasize the shape of your deck. Top it off with a shiny silver railing and you are practically out at sea! For a more land-oriented experience, top your deck with grass! This laid back and fun look maximizes the outdoor environment and takes on a natural appeal. 


Maybe you are looking for a more dramatic and functional entertaining experience? In this case, the latest deck innovation is integrating a sunken deck into your design. This makes outdoor dining cozy and is the true showstopper of your space. Choose your furniture and any built-ins based on the depth of your choice. For a deeply sunken design, build bench seating, add a big table, and enjoy! This creative option minimizes the visual mass of a large dining set at ground level.


Pool Decks

When the weather’s hot and it’s time to take a dip, a pool is a must! For an innovative twist, convert your deck into a bridge, with your pool acting as a moat. You can keep it modern, or go for a classic look, but either way you do it, this is sure to be the wow factor of your outdoor experience at home. 


Whenever you have a pool deck that needs repairing or a deck exposed to the elements, be sure to opt for the proper waterproofing to ensure it lasts long and looks as great as your innovations. WICR Waterproofing and Construction has the services you need to take your deck to the next level. Call today to set up a consultation to get you the outdoor space of your dreams. 

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