When planning a commercial construction project, there is undoubtedly a mountain of decisions you’ll need to make. Considerations can include financing, location, usage needs, and energy requirements, among countless others. But one that is often overlooked is that of your roof deck. 


Adding a roof deck to your commercial building can be a cost-effective way to increase the satisfaction and enjoyment of the tenants in your building, which varies greatly based on the building’s final usage. If its use is for offices, you can create an events space for entertaining clients; if you’re building a hotel, a guest lounge or pool may be in order; and if a retail store will occupy the space, a cafe would be a welcome addition for the company’s customers. So, here are some commercial roof deck ideas to elevate your upcoming project. 


Plant a Vertical Garden

Greenery is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve and beautify your commercial roof deck. And a great space-saving way to incorporate more plants is to go vertical. Landscape architects in the past few years have developed gorgeous vertical climbing gardens — that take up little space but supply plenty of aesthetic appeals. Adding a garden to your roof deck is a simple way to attract potential tenants, and provide a welcoming space for your current occupants. 


Build a Modern Glass Deck

If your building is located among picturesque surroundings, a modern glass deck will be an impressive touch to your commercial roof installation. A stunning and sparse combination of glass and steel is a very effective marketing tool for your building, especially if you’re dealing with businesses in the pharmaceutical, telecommunication, or tech industries.  


Bring Serenity with a Japanese-Style Deck

A great way to give your tenants some much-needed serenity during their workday is to build a Japan-inspired roof garden. Putting in a rock garden, bamboo gazebos, and small continuously running waterfalls are all cost-effective ways to create a sense of calm atop your commercial roof deck. 


Create an Outdoor Fitness Studio

With more of us working overtime, an outdoor gym is an innovative way to improve your tenants’ quality of productivity. So, using equipment like ropes, TRX straps, and padded mats, you can provide a great place to work out. 


Think Outside the Box with a Rooftop Putting Green

Golf is a hugely popular pastime, so why not take advantage of its acclaim with a rooftop putting green? A commercial roof installation of a miniature putting range is a unique way to attract new tenants.

To conclude, no matter what kind of commercial roof deck you are planning on building, make sure to protect it with the pros at WICR Waterproofing & Construction. With over 40 years of experience, WICR’s experts ensure that your roof deck will stay beautiful for years to come. Happy building!