Building a deck was undoubtedly one of the best decisions you’ve made as a homeowner. During the summer months, you get to enjoy outdoor living and hosting parties for friends and family. Plus, your house looks a lot better with the added living space. But as you probably know by now, owning a deck isn’t easy. Since this part of the house is exposed more to the elements, you need to maintain it properly if you’re going to enjoy it for a long time. Deck waterproofing is one of the best ways to make that possible.


Why is Deck Waterproofing Necessary?


The main goal of deck waterproofing is to extend the life of your deck for as long as possible. Since it’s outdoors and it goes through heat and rain all year round, you can expect some wear and tear after a while. But when you waterproof your deck, it allows you to preserve the quality of your decking material and prevent infestations from ruining your deck. Waterproofing also helps you save money on costly repairs or restorations in the future, so you could use that savings to improve your deck or other parts of your house.


How can you tell if you need Waterproofing?


Water stains are the first signs that you may already need to waterproof your deck, especially if you’re living in an area that gets a lot of rainfall in a year. Soft spots on the wood and rusting also mean that your deck is undergoing wear and tear and you can’t ignore that for another month or year because it could easily lead to collapse.


When is the Best Time of year to Waterproof your Deck?


When determining the best time of year to do deck waterproofing, you need to consider these important factors:


Deck Age


Depending on the type of wood used on your deck, you could wait from three months to a year for its fibers to completely open up. New decks tend to have some level of moisture in them, which makes it hard to absorb a sealant. If your deck has been around for more than a year, you can reseal it every 12 to 18 months.


The Season and Weather


Summer is generally the best time to waterproof your deck because it gives you the opportunity to clean it thoroughly and seal it properly without worrying about rain.


It takes about two to three days for a deck to completely dry out after sealing and you’ll need up to six days for it to be fully functional again. Experts also recommend that you apply sealant in temperatures below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes summer the perfect time for deck waterproofing.


At the end of the day, maintaining your deck should be a priority because you’re not only talking about keeping a part of your house in good condition but also making sure that it’s safe to use.


To make things easier, it’s still wiser to work with professional decking experts for the job because they have the experience and tools to make sure that your deck is fully waterproofed.


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