There are lots of benefits to living in an apartment complex, like cost, location, and convenience.  However, one of the main downsides? Lack of privacy. As an apartment owner, you have plenty of options to give your tenants just a little bit more privacy, so they can enjoy their time living in your complex even more. Whether it’s incorporating a few extra features into your apartment build, or adding them later on, here are just a few privacy tips for ensuring your tenants stay happy and content.



When it comes to apartment buildings, there will inevitably be windows facing each other. You can add a little privacy by altering the windows rather than having your tenants staring into each other’s apartments. When building, consider using frosted glass for any windows that look into another unit. This is also an easy addition later on, as many types of frosted film can be placed over the window, achieving the same effect in a non-permanent way. Alternatively, you can invest in some window shades, for an easily adjustable solution to their privacy.



One of the most common complaints tenants have about apartment complexes is noise. Whether it’s a loud upstairs neighbor or sharing a wall with some party animals, noise getting in and out is one of the downsides to apartment living. As a builder, there are ways to fix this! Adding extra insulation and soundproofing within the walls can greatly reduce noise, as can the addition of padding underneath the floor. Opting for carpet rather than hardwood can also help provide a cushion for sound through the floor. You can also paint the walls and ceiling with special paint! Yep – there is such a thing as sound-reducing paint, and it’s an amazing way to add an extra layer of privacy to your apartment units.



With units being both high and low in height, there often comes the issue of apartments on the top floor seeing right into the balconies of those on lower floors. To fix this, consider including an awning. This helps to give those downstairs residents the same level of privacy as their upstairs neighbors. Plus, it provides extra shade for sunny days!



When living in an apartment, your balcony is often your only slice of outdoor space that is all your own. Because of this, tenants want to enjoy this space as much as they can – especially during the spring and summer months. Luckily, apartment patio privacy is actually fairly simple to achieve. Instead of the traditional bars surrounding the balcony, try going with a more intricate railing design so there are fewer gaps. Alternatively, using taller, thicker material such as concrete or wood can help to enclose the space. 



In most complexes, there will be a shared outdoor space. This is another way to give your tenants an outdoor area to enjoy. In these cases, try adding planters to section off areas, and choosing plants such as bamboo that will grow tall and thick. This is a great option, as they are always moveable if you choose to section your space differently. For a permanent addition, half walls or fencing can also do the job.


When it comes to maintaining your apartment building, you need reliable experts to make sure everything stays in good shape. The team at WICR can help you keep your apartment complex, and any additions you make, in the best possible condition for years. So schedule your consultation today!