by  Androniki Bossonis


Water intrusion into elevator pits must be controlled immediately, to prevent rust and damage to the elevator’s mechanical components.  Water seepage, especially in high water table locations, can be challenging, however, WICR Wateproofing has successfully installed and repaired waterproofing systems in elevator pits throughout Southern California. The example shown below was in Los Angeles, for the L.A. Housing Authority.

While the process varies according to each situation, typical steps involve water removal, cleaning and degreasing of the elevator pit, isolating the water seepage areas, and injection of a hydrophilic polyurethane grout along with an optional secondary negative side waterproof coating application.  The polyurethane grout injection can be performed to address leaks at isolated cracks or joints and can also be installed as waterproof membrane on the positive side of the wall via a process referred to as curtain wall grouting.

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