Have you come to the realization that you have invested too much time and effort to decide which waterproof deck coating option you want to use? If so, then we may have found the solution for you.


Needless to say, it is important to let your efforts last for a long time. That is why you need to make your deck stand out for both beauty and function. That said, it is important to consider re-sealing your waterproof deck coating regularly.




Re-sealing Waterproof Decks


There are several layers that compose waterproof deck coating. Among them is the most critical, which is called the topcoat. It is the clear layer protecting the rest of the deck from water.


Take note that although your paint might still look amazing, the topcoat can be suffering from significant damage. You can fix this by applying a new topcoat by way of re-sealing it. This will refresh the coating and give a new layer of protection for the deck.




Damage to the Waterproof Deck Coating


You should know that your waterproof deck top coating can be damaged over time with normal wear and tear. As a matter of fact, you have to renew the top coatings within 2-3 years through normal usage. During that time, your paint will become vulnerable to the elements after the top coating has worn off.


At the same time, you can increase the damage to the waterproof deck coating through heavy use. You can check by conducting or having an annual maintenance check on whether or not your deck has been damaged. This will determine if you need to re-seal your waterproof deck coating as early as expected.




Common Causes of Damage


  • Take note that ash and charcoal from grills can burn the waterproof coating
  • Decks can also be scratched by furniture with sharp edges, particularly when it has been shoved back
  • Sharp-edged items such as planter may also scratch or gouge the surface of the deck
  • Be aware that planters and pots left on the deck surface without any spaces between them could also prevent water from draining
  • Carpets and other items can also hold the moisture in when attached to the top of the deck
  • Any item nailed or screwed through the topcoat will also leave holes causing further damage




How Long To Re-seal a Waterproof Deck Coating


Remember that re-sealing a waterproof deck coating is easy. All you need to do is hire professionals like WICR waterproofing and decking to do it for you! This can be achieved if the weather is good, as it will take little to no time at all to have it re-sealed and ready for you to enjoy this outdoor living space.


However, before anything bad goes to worse, you need to consider inspection so that you can determine if your deck will require maintenance or not. Professional services are keen at keeping your waterproof deck coating in good condition through regular maintenance.




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