Waterproofing a wooden deck is the best way to increase the wood’s shorter lifespan. As long as the deck is sealed and treated periodically, it will serve its purpose for a long time.


There are many ways to waterproof a deck and protect it from the outdoor elements. But the most recommended is Pli Dek waterproof deck coating, a specialty coating designed to make your wooden deck last a long time.



What is Pli Dek Waterproof Deck Coating?

This is a waterproof deck system that is designed for plywood substrates. It adds several layers over plywood to make the material more durable and sturdier.


It features a 2.5 galvanized metal lath and a base coat of polyacrylic emulsion.


When applied, the plywood is covered with the metal lath, then the base coat, an intermediate coat, and then whatever finish you want your wooden deck to have.


What is great about the Pli Dek waterproof deck coating is that it already carries a One-Hour and Class A Fire Rating. This means you don’t need to add One-Hour Fire Rated assemblies to your wooden deck, eliminating additional framing expenses.



Why choose Pli Dek Waterproof Deck Coating?


Safety and quality

Your wooden deck is not only made durable but also fire-resistant. Considering that wood would easily ignite, a fire-resistant system in place makes a huge difference. The Pli Dek system has been through extensive ASTM testing that offers guarantees.


Low maintenance

What more can you ask for? The coating changes the wood’s reputation for being a high-maintenance decking material to something easier to take care of. If you’ve always wanted a wooden deck but hate the maintenance work, the Pli Dek system will make your wish come true.



Because it requires a support system, a wooden deck tends to be more expensive. More so if you add the maintenance cost. But with Pli Dek, you can cut down on cost, especially with the maintenance and One-Hour Fire Rated assemblies. It also adds approximately 3/16-inch-thick on the wood, so you don’t need to buy high-end material.


UV resistance

Rain isn’t the only thing that weakens wood over time. Exposure to sunlight and UV rays contribute to a shorter lifespan of a wooden deck. But with the waterproof coating installed, the wood underneath is protected against rain, UV rays, and the harsh environment in general.


Faster installation

The Pli Dek system dries fast, and the base coat is installed in framing stages. This makes it easier and faster for deck builders to complete their job, and for you to have that wooden deck you’ve always wanted in no time.


Extensive options for finish

Do you have a finish in mind? Does the existing color of your property call for a cement-like shade? With the Pli Dek system available in a wide range of finish, your deck can be customized according to your preference.



Get the Wooden Deck of your Dreams

With the Pli Dek waterproof coating, your deck will be well-protected from the elements, fire-resistant, and long-lasting without the high maintenance. So, if you have an existing deck, have it re-coated with the Pli Dek system. And if you plan to have a new one built, take advantage of Pli Dek.




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