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Patio and Deck Trends to Get on Board With

2019 patio trends - deck construction

Day to night, and all year round, you want to make the most out of your outdoor space. That’s why you need the most cutting-edge ideas to take your deck or patio to the next level. Whether you want the ideal place to host dinner parties, or simply a comfy place for your family to bond, get on board with these 2019 patio trends and deck ideas to make your outdoor space your new happy place!



Luxury outdoor furniture means having both comfort and style. Low couch seating is super in right now, and it’ll bring people to your patio or deck to hang out at a get-together for a while longer.

Teak is trending! Teak dining tables combine modern outdoor furniture’s sleek style with the classic and homey feel of wood. Plus, they give you, your family, and your guests a way to get closer.

Elevate yourself and your space with chair swings! They add an aspect of fun to your space and bring in the fun of a hammock while saving space. Plus, they add visual interest to areas beyond what you can see at eye level.


Light it Up

One of the hottest trends right now is industrial string lights. Hang them across the railing of your balcony or above on the pergola to draw people into your space.

For a smaller space, try a simpler, yet trendy patio idea on a budget; opt for clear mason jars or glass vases and add small string lights or candles to bring in a trendy, DIY look that will be sure to impress all your guests.



Fire features are bringing the heat to patio and deck trends. Heaters with exposed glass panes let you see the fire in action and feel the warmth at the same time.

Water features are the epitome of luxury. Adding a hot tub is always fun, but what is really on-trend right now is a waterfall fountain. This addition to your patio or deck is the perfect way to create a serene outdoor sanctuary.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly patio design are hotter than ever. Vertical farming is huge for your outdoor living spaces. It adds an extremely popular modern touch while also adding beauty and sustainability. Create a standing herb garden or a waterproof planter to keep up with the latest trends.


Mixing Materials

Popular right now is mixing patterns and textures. Do this with your pillows and rugs or tile flooring. Opt for neutral-tone couches with brightly patterned pillows – like maybe a palm leaf for a tropical feel. Contrast this with tile that stands out. Pair a wood floor with metal furniture to stick with the modern trend while creating material contrast.

Make your outdoor flooring look like a work of art with colorful tile, classy wood, or an epoxy coating. Add an interesting outdoor rug for a pop of color or a transition in texture.


Combine Retro with Modern

Throwbacks are in style for more than just music and clothes. Your exterior decorating is also a part of this trend!

Add a retro rug to an otherwise modern space. Or, use Victorian-style chairs with a sleek black table. There are many ways to mix it up, and this is one way that is very on-trend.


Eat Drink and Be Merry

In addition to a garden to spice up your space, adding bars and BBQs are a key trend you don’t want to miss. For a bar on a budget, a bar cart might do the trick!

Create interest in entertaining with a dance floor or TV. One popular trend is hiding the TV in a nook above your outdoor fireplace. Another option is to use different flooring to create a dance floor and be the hit of your neighborhood.


The key thing to know about following 2019 patio trends is that deck construction and deck maintenance are a must! Be sure to contact the best in the business, WICR Waterproofing and Decking, to make sure your outdoor living spaces can last beyond the trends and look forever impeccable.