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Why You Should Contact WICR for Reliable Balcony Repair

balcony repair

Many of us may believe that balcony repair is a DIY kind of task, well, think again. This is because balconies come in many designs and types which can pose different issues when they begin to deteriorate.


Keep in mind that wood balconies have similar maintenance problems as wood decks. Therefore, it is important to check that older cantilevered wood balconies are properly attached to the exterior wall of the building.



Checking For Possible Damage to the Balcony


Balconies should match the framing materials of the building, whether concrete or wood. As for wooden balconies, it is not compatible to use nail fasteners to connect the balcony ledger to the structure of the building.



So, they require bolt fasteners or screws since this is the most common failure point for such balcony types. Among the things that need to be addressed are the rot and water damage. Thus, you need to probe the wood for any soft spots, unusual stains, and other signs of weakness to the balcony components.



Similarly, when you find a problem in one area of your house, you can find the same problems in the same area of the balcony. This is because there are often water membranes of rubber or vinyl with drainage planes below visible floorboards in non-cantilevered balconies.



Contact a Roofing Contractor


When you consider balcony waterproofing for your house, it is wise to contact a roofing contractor to handle the job. He or she will be able to conduct a sampling of the membranes in these areas. This is similar in a way the roof is preventing the infiltration of water on top of the building.



Steps in Fixing Leaking Balconies


  • Inspection – When water gets pooled often in balconies, it could lead to water leakage in time. That is the reason why you need to check for porous or loose tiles when you opt to buy or construct a house. Annual checking can also help before any rains arrive.


  • Clean Grout and Tiles – If you clean these areas, you can rest assured that impurities and other particles can’t affect the balcony waterproofing you are going to do.


  • Remove Defective Grouts – Damaged, and loose grouts need to be removed and replaced with non-pervious or 100% waterproof grouts.


  • Apply Flexible Polymer Seal – Apply some high polymer seal to the balcony perimeters as an option.


  • Put Double-Coated Premium Sealer – Protect the balconies from leaks by applying a double-coated premium sealer to the exteriors.


  • Laying Waterproof Membranes – Do this, in the beginning, to help your tiles stay away from any type of damage.


  • Re-Sheeting – You need to sheet the grouts and tiles again, while you remove the damaged ones.




Just looking at the procedures to balcony waterproofing, you can say that this involves more work than you think. Therefore, it is important that you contact WICR Waterproofing and Decking, and allow professionals here to handle any repair service properly. Hiring professionals to fix your leaking balconies is an ideal solution to this problem.




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