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What is Hydraulic Injection Waterproofing?

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No matter what the cause, a leak in your basement can cause tons of damage. And finding a solution to this problem can not only be stressful, but time-consuming and expensive.


Luckily, there’s a cost-effective and efficient way to seal up anywhere water is getting in, and keep your home protected for years. With the advanced method of hydraulic injection waterproofing, you can stop water damage before it becomes detrimental.


How It Works

Injection waterproofing uses a polyurethane solution to quickly and effectively stop leaks. The hydraulic injection grout can be inserted into cracks in the basement walls, foundations, expansion joints, or any other gaps that may occur in underground spaces. Its flexibility and strength allow it to withstand the natural movement of buildings, keeping your basement dry over time.


Because these injections can only reliably bond with a clear surface, free of paints or other residues, the crack must first be thoroughly cleaned. After this, the polyurethane is injected. As it mixes with the water left in the crack, it transforms into a rubbery foam consistency and expands up to 5-10 times its volume, creating a complete seal inside and out.


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The Benefits

Of the different underground waterproofing solutions, hydraulic injections are the ideal method. One of the most important benefits injection waterproofing provides is its versatility. No matter whether the crack is thin, wide, dry, full of mud, or even actively leaking, it can be sealed up using polyurethane injections.


A leaking basement can cause damage fast, so you need a quick solution. Injection waterproofing sets so quickly that it stops leaks in their tracks in just a few minutes. This also allows you to see the results right away, so you know it’s working. Also, instead of having to vacate your property while lengthy and costly excavations take place, injection waterproofing allows you to stay in the comfort of your home. Injection waterproofing has been thoroughly tested so you can be confident in its ability to keep water out. It also offers a 120-year service life, making it a great option if you’re looking for a long-lasting solution.


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At WICR, our experts use this state-of-the-art technique to make sure you’re left with a sealed, dry, and protected space. Although it’s quick and easy and may seem like a great DIY option, it’s always best to hire a waterproofing specialist – who can meet the needs of the project and provide you with a sturdy final product that’s as good as new.