Waterproofing and Decking for New Construction


Serving Orange County, Los Angeles & San Bernardino County for More Than 30 Years


When you hire WICR, Inc., you can have confidence in our ability to deliver the best possible service at every stage of your project. Our company’ history dates back more than 30 years, and we have installed more than 5 million square feet of waterproof coating for residential and commercial customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Kern and Ventura Counties, and even as far afield as Nevada and Arizona. Our long list of happy customers includes countless individuals and businesses throughout the region, and our work has achieved recognition as being among the leaders in the waterproofing and decking services industry.


Above Grade Applications
The term “above grade” refers to any and all projects that are done above the ground level, and this includes most types of decking. From deck coatings to air barriers and raised planters for flowers and small trees, we do it all.


Behind the Scenes
What the customer sees is only a part of the entire job that we do at WICR, Inc. In addition to making the initial bid on your project and then doing the work on your property, we engage in an extensive planning process to ensure that the job goes smoothly, is finished on schedule and for a minimum of expense, and that all of the relevant safety standards are met or exceeded.


Coating Services
Our services extend beyond simple waterproofing, and a large percentage of the projects we do involve rehabilitation and new deck construction, as well as laying down new coating for pool decks and other cement services, installing sheet metal flashing and applying caulking and sealants.


Our Philosophy
Unlike many companies, we are not committed to using only a certain product line. Instead, we always seek to find the product which will best serve our customer’ needs in getting the job done for the lowest price and with the best – and longest lasting – results.


Safety Standards – New Construction
In every job we do, we always keep in mind that after we leave, you, your family, your guests or your customers will be using the deck we built, will be enjoying time at the poolside or otherwise depending on the safety of our work. We strive for the highest level of safety, both for our employees and for our customers.


Underground Applications
From luxury residences on the beach whose foundations are enveloped at high tide, to parking structures that sink four levels under the surface – and everything in between – we do it all. Our services include waterproofing for the structure and solutions for subterranean drainage, among other things


Waterproofing Buildings
The building envelope includes the walls, windows, roof and foundation of your home or business, and in order to keep the elements out and waterproof the building, this envelope must be properly sealed. We do everything from sealing minor leaks in sliding glass doors, to installing the necessary insulation for the creation of an air barrier.


What You Need to Know
Read our tips concerning the issues that you should take into consideration before installing a new deck for your home or commercial property. We want to help you make informed decisions about any project that you are considering, and we are here to help.


Why Choose WICR, Inc.

Why should you choose WICR, Inc. for your new construction project? Our combination of training, years of experience, high standards of excellence and manufacturer certification sets us apart from the competition. The founders of our company have more than 70 years of combined experience in the industry. Each of our crew leaders has been with the company for at least a decade, and every one of them has received extensive training from the major manufacturers. Our dedication to excellence means that we not only know the industry standard techniques and procedures inside and out but have also developed our own proprietary techniques for addressing different problems.