Epoxy Coatings

Tired of looking at a drab and oil stained garage floor? Worried about chips, cracks and buckling in your garage, industrial building or restaurant? Want a floor surface that is easy to clean, durable and visually appealing? Epoxy floor coating may be the best solution for you! Epoxy coatings offer a wide selection of colors, finishes, textures, and patterns, and they give you the opportunity to have a gorgeous floor that can provide an enormous boost to the enjoyment of the garage or other room, rather than being a chipped and stained eyesore.


About Epoxy Floor Coating

Before it is installed, epoxy comes as a pair of liquids, one of which is a resin and the other is a hardener. When the two are combined, they undergo a rapid chemical reaction which transforms them into a solid. The resulting material is a strong and rigid plastic surface. The nature of the material makes it possible for you to choose any one of a wide variety of appearances. It is lighter, stronger and less susceptible to cracking than most other floor coating materials, and it is also faster and easier to install. Epoxy covered floors are also far easier to maintain, and can usually be cleaned using everyday household cleaners.


Epoxy Garage Floors

An ordinary garage or other floors can be drab and mundane, and they are also fully exposed to the stresses of heat, chemicals, impacts and the pressure of moving objects. By installing an epoxy coating, you can give your floor a makeover and create an entirely new atmosphere for your garage, industrial facility, mechanical room, restaurant, lobby or other room. Epoxy flooring also serves to protect the underlying concrete slab by forming a waterproof barrier that additionally blocks out any spills and moisture.