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Why the Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear is Best for Decking Surfaces

dex-o-tex weatherwear

Building a deck isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, you have to consider several things before jumping into your decking project because you are spending a good amount of money on it and it will be part of one of your life’s biggest investments, your home.


Aside from making the right plans and consulting the right professionals, one of the most important aspects of building your deck is choosing the right materials.


When it comes to that, you can rely on the Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear system for waterproofing your decking surfaces. Here’s why it’s the best choice for your project:



You get Durability that will Last Longer than other Brands


Dex-O-Tex is known in the industry for the quality of its waterproofing products and its Weatherwear system is no exception. This fire-retardant waterproofing product features a multi-layered system with a slip sheet that helps it stay durable even with constant foot traffic, furniture and even building cracks.


Durability is such an important factor when doing a decking project because it will be under constant wear and tear from the elements. Choosing a poorly made waterproofing system means having to replace it often because it can get beat up easily.


With the Weatherwear system, you can guarantee that your decking will look good as new for the years to come and even if you use it often to entertain guests.



You get Value for your Money


There are so many features that separate the Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear fire retardant system from the competition. Aside from the unique slip sheet that allows it to “float” over cracks, it also has a Class “A” fire rating and has low VOC, no solvents, hydrocarbon or isocyanates.


This waterproofing system is also easy to maintain and has a low life-cycle cost, which makes it an excellent investment if you’re after value for money.


When you install the Weatherwear system on your deck, you won’t have to do repairs often and you can cut down costs on replacements.



You get a Wide Range of Options


Aside from its durability, the Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear system is also one of the most versatile options out there when it comes to texture and color. This makes it easier for you to find the right finish to fit the rest of your deck.



You get Professionals to Install it


The Dex-O-Tex fire-retardant waterproofing system isn’t just installed by anyone. In fact, only qualified professionals are allowed to install it on your deck because the process requires proper training and expertise to be done efficiently.


The company also validates your warranty only if their trained professionals install your waterproofing system. There are several qualifications for installation.


For one, the applicators should be factory trained and a member of the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) with a minimum current validated CCB training documentation. The contractor should also be certified in installing waterproof deck systems.


So if you’re looking for the right waterproofing system for your decking project, make it the Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear fire retardant system.


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