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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Elevated Decks

elevated decks - under deck

An elevated deck could instantly turn a simple home into a beautiful estate. There’s just something about adding that extra outdoor space with an overlooking view that makes a house look and feels grander than it really is.


But behind all that breathtaking view also lie some common problems that a lot of homeowners with elevated decks encounter, which usually calls for under deck repair:



Moisture and Flooding Problems


With all that crawlspace under your deck, it’s easy to assume that moisture will build up at some point, especially during the hot summer months when moisture gets trapped under all that space or due to flooding if your house is located on a hill or near a body of water.


If not addressed right away, moisture buildup can lead to mold growth, which is harmful to your health if not addressed right away. Moisture can also cause significant damage to your elevated deck in the long run.



Deck Settling


Perhaps one of the most common reasons for homeowners to call under deck repair is settling, which usually happens because the ground on which the elevated deck is built on is not stable enough to support its weight.


Over time, the deck could begin to settle and sink causing significant damage not only to the crawlspace and its contents but also to the entire deck. When this happens, you have the huge problem of a sinking deck that could easily ruin the look of your home and even decrease its value.


That’s why it really counts to consult professionals first to evaluate the ground where you’ll be building the deck and ensure that all the right supports are in place to keep your elevated deck sturdy for many years.



Safety Hazards


An elevated deck may look like the perfect relaxation spot for adults, but the space under it could easily attract kids. Narrow spaces attract kids because they’re great hiding places.


The problem is, animals, insects, and pests are also easily attracted to crawlspaces because they’re small and warm, making them the perfect breeding ground for mice, mosquitoes and even snakes.


When kids hide under your deck, you’re putting them at risk for being bitten by animals that may also be in the space. This is why it’s very important that your crawlspace is properly sealed so either kids or animals have access to it.


If you’re using this area to store some things, make sure that the door is locked at all times to avoid potential hazards.


Finally, there is the question of whether to use your crawlspace as storage or not. That extra space under your elevated deck may look like the perfect place to hide things that you don’t use as often or even put firewood for your fireplace.


But since this space is prone to moisture build-up, storing things like cardboard boxes, papers, fabrics, and even wood can make it more prone to mold growth and even attract pests that could easily destroy your deck over time.


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