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About WICR

In our 30 years of experience as waterproofing specialists, we have installed over 5 million square feet of quality waterproofing systems. WICR is recognized as an industry leader, and we are licensed and approved by all the major manufacturers to install their waterproofing systems. Whether you need waterproofing solutions for a new construction project, restoration or deck reconstruction, let us put our proven skills, training and experience to work for you!

-Deck Coatings, Deck Repair, Deck Maintenance
-Below Tile Systems
-Below Grade Waterproofing Systems
-Polyurea Spray Applied Coatings
-Epoxy Floor Systems
-Traffic Coatings
-Parking Deck Systems
-Pool Deck Coatings
-Air Barriers
-Sports Floors and more.

OUR CUSTOMERS: Architects, contractors, private and commercial home owners, property
managers, home owners associations and engineers.

PROJECT TYPES: New construction and re-construction projects for apartments, condominiums, businesses, private residences, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, public works, government, and other entities. We maintain the systems we install to extend their useful life.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: We do not cut any corners. We use 24-gauge sheet metal when industry standards only require 26-gauge sheet metal. We offer full-soldered custom door pans uniquely tailored for each door, as well as custom mitered metal fabricated corners. We have a proprietary slider door injection that effectively stops leaks in the threshold without having to remove the slider door. This leak repair technique can even be performed while it is raining.

Call our office today at (888) 388-9427 or email us at for a free consultation.

We look forward to taking care of your waterproofing and maintenance needs.