by Androniki Bossonis


April 16, 2016, Santa Monica, CA.

As part of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), WICR Waterproofing & Decking joined CAI members to assist with the Heal The Bay beach cleanup in Santa Monica.

Why is Heal The Bay an important event? Everyday, thousands of plastic and glass trash, plus cigarette butts and food wrappers, wash through the storm drains and pollute the oceans.

Heal the Bay not only cleans up the beach, but catalogs how many items are picked up in one day. The data is used to push for legislation to help make positive changes in the environment.

Stormwater is the biggest source of pollution to the Santa Monica Bay. With runoff comes all sorts of urban slobber – bacteria, motor oil, pesticides, trash, and other pollutants.

Every year, 77,000 marine mammals and birds die from ingesting plastic and other pollutants. Additionally, the seafood caught for consumption is tainted by waste, toxins and sludge.

Join us next year for Heal the Bay, and help make a difference!

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