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Why the Wood on Your Deck Is Splitting

balcony decking

Your deck is definitely one of the highlights of your home because it doesn’t only extend your living space outdoors; it also adds value and appeals to your property. But over time, you may start to notice splits and cracks in your deck and here are some of its causes:


Wear and Tear

Balcony decking suffers from wear and tear the most because it’s constantly exposed to the elements, affected by foot traffic and damaged by the pressure from furniture and appliances that you put on it.


Over time, the wood on your deck would start to be discolored and some parts would also begin to split and crack.


Insect Infestation

Ants, termites and other insects love balcony decking. You might not notice an infestation during its early stages but later on, splits, cracks, and other damages may start to show and they could make your deck dangerous for use because of the wood being hollowed from the inside and increasingly weak.


So if you start to notice a swarm of ants or other insects in your deck, make sure to call an exterminator right away. It would also be smart to make pest inspection a part of deck maintenance.


Construction Flaws

Sometimes, a deck splits because it was not installed properly or the materials used were low quality. This is why it’s very important to look for a contractor who can guarantee you the best results possible.


Poor quality wood easily splits and cracks, so if you notice excessive knotting or varying thicknesses in your wood planks, call the attention of the contractor right away. You should also look out for installation flaws such as loose or improperly placed screws. Proper placement of deck boards should also be observed because boards lined up in the middle of your deck could make it weak.


Wind and Water

Since your balcony decking is outdoors, it suffers from constant weather changes, especially if you live in a place where it could be blazing hot in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. Even the best quality deck lumber could suffer from constant exposure to wind, water, and sunlight.


The discoloration is the first sign of a damaged deck and you may start to notice cracks and splits around screw holes. You can replace single boards to prevent further damage and treat discoloration through re-staining the wood.


But if you notice that the damage is too big, don’t think twice about hiring professionals to replace all of your deck boards to prevent any accidents.


Deck Repair

There are a lot of ways to address the damages on your balcony decking. The first step to making sure your deck is in good shape is to conduct regular maintenance checks.


Start from the ground up by checking if your supports and beams are not sinking into the ground, and check closely for any splits and cracks.


If you can, try to unscrew boards to see if the bottom side is also affected. If both sides are cracked, call the professionals right away for a replacement.


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