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Home Renovation by the Season

adding a deck to a house

As homeowners, we know how expensive, stressful and difficult it can be to undertake a major (or even minor) home renovation. Those extra permits, delays, and costs can all have a huge impact on your home improvement project, as well as your sanity. Whether you’re building a planter box, adding a deck to your house, or installing a pool, these projects can come with several complications.


But, if you plan your home renovation projects based on the upcoming season, you’ll find that you can save time, money and those pesky obstacles. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best time of year to start your home improvement projects.



Spring: Fences & HVAC

In early spring, when the temperatures are mild and rainfall is limited, it’s a great time to get things going outdoors. Building, updating, and staining fences require a warm, yet temperate climate. Outdoor structures can be finicky, and you want to make sure your fence survives even the toughest of seasons.


Later in the spring is when you want to tackle any repairs or installation of HVAC systems. You don’t want to start after it’s gotten too cold or too hot, because any potential problems could leave you sweaty in summer or shivering in the winter.



Summer: Exterior Painting & Roofing

The hot and sunny months are when you want to tackle rain-sensitive projects. Painting your house requires drying in warm and dry temperatures so that you don’t have a blotchy mess on your hands. Also, hiring professional painters to get the job done quickly and correctly will save you money in labor costs.


Thinking about fixing or replacing a roof? Do it in the summer (this is a must). Firstly, you don’t want your roofers to be walking around up there when it’s wet and slippery. Secondly, guess when the roofing season starts? Whenever it rains. Get your roof work done when nobody else needs it, and it’ll be so much cheaper.



Fall: Waterproofing & Gutters

Fall is when you’ll want to start preparing for the cold months ahead. When it comes to being a homeowner, nothing is quite as stressful as finding leaks in and around your house. The damage can be severe, and it can be difficult to find the source of the leak – leading to even more labor costs. Find yourself an expert waterproofing company to do it right the first time, and avoid those pesky leaks.


At the end of fall, when most of your leaves have fallen, is when you want to clean out those gutters. Clogged leaves can cause puddles in the rain, and begin to weigh down your gutter. So make sure you clean them out before the winter arrives.



Winter: Planters, Pools & Decks

Building a planter box is a great way to grow plants, flowers and vegetables – not to mention they give your outdoor spaces a nice splash of green. By starting your planter box in winter, you’ll have ample time to get gardening before springtime. There are several companies that specialize in planter boxes, and getting a professional installation will ensure your yard is looking its best.


Winter is also the best time to build a pool. If you live in a moderate climate like Southern California, winter gives you lower costs and larger availability of builders to choose from. Avoid the spring or summer for pool installation, because that’s when the industry is busiest.


Adding a deck to your home can be a huge deal, but starting in winter gives you some serious advantages. Pressure-treated wood, a favorite material in outdoor decks, responds well to low humidity. Also, building a deck in winter, which is the off-season, can help you save time and money, and allow you to research the best deck building company you can find.


Remember, home improvement should be a positive experience. So make sure you take all the necessary steps to keep it that way. Whenever you’d like to start on a home renovation project, choose WICR, Southern California’s waterproofing, and decking experts. WICR offers decades of experience, specializing in decks, pools, planters, and more. Because the first time you hire a home specialist should be the last time.