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How to Make the Most of your Deck Space

backyard deck design ideas

No matter what type of deck you have, it should be a place you enjoy spending time all year round. Often with smaller spaces, it can be difficult to know how to make your outdoor living area both beautiful and functional.


Here are some ideas for decorating a small outdoor deck in a way that will not only save you space but transform it into an extension of your home.



Choose Furniture Wisely


Adding the right furniture can enhance any outdoor space. However, trying to fit too much can cause your deck to feel crowded and look much smaller. Not only is considering the right pieces important but so is arranging them in a way that maximizes the area, especially if you are working with a small deck. Built-in benches are a great option for opening up a space to create room for other additions, such as plants or an outdoor firepit.


Bringing elements from inside your home into the outdoors helps create a flow and transform it into one space. Try adding similar colors from inside to bring life to your deck!



Create a Multifunctional Space


When choosing what to put on your deck, consider integrating storage into as many pieces as possible. You can create space inside benches, use small tables as extra seating or even plant an herb garden so your outdoor plants aren’t just beautiful, but functional. See your small backyard deck as an opportunity to be creative! Transform your deck into somewhere you can cook, eat, entertain or relax by adding elements like barbecues, comfortable seating options, a firepit or a dining table.


And remember, don’t confine yourself just to the deck space itself. Look below the surface and consider a multi-level outdoor space so you can double your area with a covered patio. Don’t have room for a multi-level deck? Use the available space underneath your existing deck to store anything that doesn’t need to be in a climate-controlled environment.



Make a Space for All Seasons


After putting so much work into your beautiful deck, you’ll want to be able to use it all year round. Adding protection from the weather will allow you to use your outdoor space no matter what the season. Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous Southern California climate; your deck needs protection from the sun, too! Consider adding a cover so you’ll always be protected and won’t miss out on any outdoor enjoyment.


Because your deck is exposed to the elements, it is essential to use furniture that can stand up to any weather. Instead of letting your couch become distressed over time, opt for the waterproof fabric to cover your pillows and seating. Also, you’ll need to make sure your deck is properly coated so it can stand up to any weather.


Maintenance is key to keeping your deck in perfect condition. The waterproofing and decking specialists at WICR make the process easy by providing you with the expertise to make sure your deck is properly cared for. Schedule your appointment today, and enjoy your deck for years to come.