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The Art of Gathering: Entertaining in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

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Are you looking for the best way to maximize your outdoor living spaces to create the perfect place for gathering? If so, read on! From decks to pools, sports flooring to planters, we have the best tips and tricks just waiting for your discovery.


Making the Most of the Space You Have

You want to make sure that even your smaller outdoor living spaces feel roomy and can accommodate a large group of your favorite people. Take advantage of your patio or deck! A small space can feel huge when the expanse of the outdoors is at your fingertips. Allow your guests to feel at home with comfy furniture and the solid, clean ground beneath their feet. With the right setup, you can have all the benefit of indoor/outdoor living with one deck. The added bonus? Your loved ones bonding under the stars from the comfort of your home.


Find your Flow

Indoor-outdoor living means a seamless transition between your sanctuary inside and your outdoor paradise. Proper decking makes this seamless, designating one space from the next in a way that subtly highlights the change of each “room” without being choppy or seeming separated from the rest of your living space. This still gives the deck that open-concept feel while preserving the line of sight and voice between you and your guests.

An excellent option is WICR’s Below-Tile Systems which allow you to customize your space with colors, patterns, and textures to make your outdoor living spaces feel custom-made. Tile can serve as an upbeat and personalized alternative to a wood deck. So, bring on the tile and make your space your own!


Spruce Up Your Space

Bring life to your space before your gathering begins with beautiful planters! The plants will give the area a fresh and natural look. If you have a kitchen in your outdoor space, we suggest planters with herbs or other edible plants to make your outdoor cooking experience more seamless.

Or, take it to the next level with a garden! Keep in mind the optimal option: WICR’s waterproofing planters, the perfect solution to always keeping your plants watered, without having to worry about leaking or water damage. By bringing the garden closer to your kitchen, your guests will be amazed by your green thumb – which will be a perfect topic of conversation for your next dinner party!


Get Lit

If you have a modern or industrial-style outdoor living space, it can often be hard to avoid the cold feeling that clean lines and textures bring to your space. A quick and easy solution to brightening and warming up your space is to illuminate it with a fire feature or light display. You want light and warmth that doesn’t come from your house but instead originates in your gathering space. A fire pit, heater, or string lights can warm up and brighten up the space making you and your guests happier and more comfortable. This can also prolong the time you are able to spend with your guests. The minutes and hours will tick away without you even noticing when you are happy and warm around your friends and family!


Worried about Water?

That gorgeous fountain that you might have seen at a neighbor’s house is often the perfect touch for your outdoor living spaces because it brings the soundtrack of nature closer to your home. The relaxing sound and scene fountains create is the perfect way to make your outdoor spaces feel calm and inviting. But the water comes with the added worry of creating a leakage problem. The solution: use waterproof flooring so that your fountain, hot tub, or other water feature is a source of fun, happiness, and enjoyment, rather than a reason for you to worry.

WICR’s waterproofing services can help with that, so you can take part in the kids splashing, water spilling, and rainy days — worry free! You can rest assured that there will be no leakage while your water feature brings back the memories of amazing times and gets them going again.

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Pool Party!

One of the best places to entertain and bond with family and friends is by the pool. Having a pool opens the door to countless hosting possibilities. From Hawaiian Luau to Backyard BBQ, making your pool a part of your entertaining routine is a sure-fire way to bring people together. As you know, entertaining by the pool can be hot and even dangerous if not done properly. That is why WICR’s Pool Deck Coating is the solution to pool-side entertainment. This deck coating reduces temperature and slip-hazards, two serious consequences of being by the pool without the proper setup. So, make sure your pool deck is safe and comfortable so you can sip those fruity drinks with the umbrellas or crack open a cold one with your friends at your perfect poolside oasis!


Get a Game Going

What better way to bond than over some friendly competition? Whatever your favorite game, optimize your play with sports surfaces made just for that! WICR’s Sports Flooring and other specialty coatings can take your outdoor spaces to the next level. Maybe throw the ball around with your kids or play some shuffleboard with your parents! The possibilities for a good time are endless.


Cold Feet?

Putting money into your space and undergoing deck construction can be nerve-wracking. You might be wondering: is it a good investment? Instead, focus on your enhancements as improving your quality of life, the relationships you have with your fellow gatherers, and if that’s not enough, the value these improvements will have to your home. The purchase price of your real estate is likely to go up as the quality of your home increases. Not to mention, waterproof flooring can save you time and money in the future, avoiding water damage and leakage problems before they start!


Let’s Do This

Family and friends are the roots of happiness and your outdoor living spaces make gathering with them that much happier. Utilize your deck, patio, and balcony space effectively to get the most enjoyable time with your loved ones. This is the art of gathering. It starts with your deck design! Make the most out of your deck with waterproofing, below-tile systems, planters, and regular maintenance; all available from WICR! Schedule a consultation today to be a part of the art of gathering.