Pool Deck Resurfacing

As waterproofing and decking specialists, WICR Waterproofing & Decking is most qualified to assist your home, business or community with everything from pool coatings repair to pool deck resurfacing projects for you.

Pools are a part of the Southern California lifestyle. In order to maintain the aesthetic appeal and the safety of your pool, it is important to keep up with any necessary miscellaneous repairs, routine maintenance, and restoration projects as needed. Our customers include homeowners with backyard pools, condominium homeowner associations, apartment complex owners, and commercial pool decks.


Types of Pool Coatings Projects

In addition to resurfacing or re-coating pool decks, we are also frequently called upon to repair cracked sealant at expansion joints, or fractured and unsightly pool coping, which is the architectural and safety feature that caps off the edge of the pool. Some of our customers hire us to apply a non-skid coating to the pool deck or Jacuzzi that prevents slip and fall accidents while also not being rough to the feel and being easy to clean and maintain. Certain pool deck surfaces can also greatly reduce the surface temperature of the deck making the surface much easier to walk on with bare feet during hot summer days. Certain pool deck coating textures are referred to as ‘Cool Decks’ because they tend to absorb less heat than other pool deck surfaces.