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Pool Deck Repair: DIY Or Professional Help?

pool deck repair professionals

Are you thinking of repairing your damaged pool deck at home? If so, then you may consider doing some pool deck repair yourself or you may have to contact a professional and ask for help.



Why Fix The Damage


There are many factors that can damage your concrete pool deck. Among these factors are chemicals, exposure to the sun, freezing temperatures, and variable weather conditions.


Take note that these factors can cause cracks or pits in the surface of your pool deck. But if this is left unattended for a long time, it can spread across the pool deck or the entire pool itself.


Instead of ignoring the damage, you can always hire a pool deck repair crew or attempt to fix it yourself. While we, of course, recommend contacting the professionals at WICR Waterproofing & Decking for all your pool deck repair needs, here are some simple fixes for the DIYers out there:



Repairing Cracks


  • First, you need to insert the tip of a chisel into the crack


  • Then, use the hammer to chisel the sides of the crack until it forms an inverted V shape. Take note that when the base of the crack is wider than the top, any repairs will just take some time.


  • Clean the crack using a wire brush to get rid of dust and debris. You may use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to sweep the dust away before going to the next step.


  • Then, you have to paint a concrete bonding adhesive inside the crack. Painting into the whole crack will help to patch the material bond with existing concrete. You should allow the adhesive to dry based on the instructions given by the manufacturer.


  • Mix water into a concrete patching compound inside a bucket.


  • You have to use a trowel and dip it into the concrete mixture. Apply it to the crack and force it into it as it fills the void. Use the trowel to level out the surface, and feather the edges of the patch. This will help blend it into the surrounding concrete. Let the patch dry by following the instructions on the package.


Resurfacing A Pool Deck


Use a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes when you opt to resurface a pool deck.


  • Use a chipping hammer to chip away loose surface concrete


  • Vacuum the chipped concrete, including the debris and dust. Make sure that the whole deck is clean before you proceed to the next process.


  • Put water into the leveling compound and mix according to the instructions on the package. Use a trowel or stirring stick to mix the ingredients well.


  • Then, pour the leveling compound over the area of the pool deck that has been damaged. Use the trowel to spread the mixture over the surface. Smoothen out the surface and feather the edges to make sure it blends into the existing concrete.


  • Let the deck dry completely based on the instructions of the manufacturer. You may also apply a coat of enamel paint or pool deck sealer to add protection to the deck.


However, if you find these steps a bit challenging, you always have the freedom to contact a pool deck repair professional to do the job for you. Find out about how much they charge for a particular service, such as applying repairs on your pool deck.




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