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Waterproofing Windows is a Specialized Process

window waterproofing

By Androniki Bossonis

Considering that windows are essentially just large holes in the side of a house, we are always surprised to see how many builders don’t install windows correctly. Improperly flashed installations (sometimes even windows with no flashing at all) allow water to penetrate over time. This exposes the wall cavity to moisture, leading to mold and rot, and potentially thousands of dollars.

Some contractors who don’t specialize in waterproofing or window installation are somehow misguided into thinking the exterior siding or stucco is sufficient to keep windows water-tight: they couldn’t be more wrong. And unless they’ve guaranteed their work, the customer suffers the repair costs. Waterproofing windows requires the integration of sill pans, flanges, caulking and flashing, to keep moisture from penetrating between the window and walls.

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