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Waterproofing Planters at the Orange Civic Center

waterproofing planters

waterproofing los angelesMany people do not realize the importance of waterproofing planters, but because they contain water and are adjacent to buildings and patios, a leaking planter can cause damage to nearby surfaces, including mold and rot. Typically, a waterproofing system is applied when the planters are being built, but even properly installed systems can fail over time.

If you see water leaking from a planter, that means it’s time to contact ¬†a professional waterproofing company to excavate the planter and either repair the old system, or install a new waterproofing system. Planter boxes that are situated against the side of a building can be of particular concern, because they can cause water to penetrate the building structure, leading to costly repairs.

waterproofing plantersThe example below showcases the six large planters at the Orange Civic Center in Orange, CA. Some of the planters had been leaking for quite some time, but thankfully, had not damaged nearby structures. To be safe, and to have everything on the same schedule, the Orange Civic Center had WICR  waterproof all six of the planters. The job took about 4 days from start to finish, and the planters turned out great.

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