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Walkways and Stairs Inspection to Repair Faulty Work


As Waterproofing specialists, we are frequently called up on to fix work performed by either untrained or unscrupulous contractors. By ‘frequently’, I mean approximately 25% of all our repair work involves repairing other contractors’ mistakes. It is never something we enjoy doing…to give a customer a repair estimate, after they already paid another company to waterproofing their decks, walkways or stairs.

Here is a classic example. The photos and video below shows an 1970’s built apartment complex, with original Magnesite decks, walkways and stairs that were failing. The walkways and stairs were cracked, with water entering both through the cracks and the rusted railing. Two years ago, the building owner hired a company they believed to be trained in waterproofing and reputable, however, they were mistaken. Rather than remove the old Magnesite system, repair and replace rotting wood, and install a new waterproofing system, the contractor just laid an acrylic waterproofing system over the top of the cracked, rotting system. Not only did the new system begin to crack and fail immediately, but it trapped the water beneath it, thereby ensuring that more wood rot and water damage would occur.

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They also neglected to repair, replace and waterproof the wrought iron railing, which had so many rust holes that water was penetrating beneath the waterproofing system. There were visible rust spots all along the walkways, and the stair landings had become so warped, they were now a trip hazard. Residents were advised to refrain from walking on certain areas of the walkways and stairs.


To make matters worse, another contractor came along a few months ago, claiming to be able to repair the cracks. They used some type of all-purpose putty on the cracks, which immediately began to fail.

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The video below shows more inspection details.






Don’t let this happen to you, or anyone you know. WICR Wateproofing and Decking offers free inspections. With over 30 years of waterproofing specialization, we can install or repair any system. We are certified and trained by all the major waterproofing system manufacturers. We work with general contractors, homeowners, property managers, HOA boards to find the best possible waterproofing solutions, at the best possible price. Call us today at 888-388-9427, or visit us at