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Stunning Huntington Beach HOA Deck Reseal

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This large condominium HOA is diligent about resealing their decks every 3 years, and the results are beautiful. The decks always look new, they never have leaks, the decks last (seemingly) forever, and their overall costs over time are minimal (since there are never serious repair issues).

Few communities ‘get it’ that it is more cost effective to maintain their decks every 3-5 years, than to wait until damage has occurred. The cost of resealing is minimal compared to the cost of repairs, especially since deck repairs are often the result of water penetrating the deck and causing water damage.

A reseal every 3-5 years (depending on manufacturer recommendations), can keep your deck warranty in effect, so small repairs are always covered by warranty. But more importantly, keeping the decks maintained results in longer life of the deck, lower costs over time, and well-manicured appearance.

With a condo complex this large in size (250+ units), keeping costs down and keeping repairs at a minimum are of great importance.

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