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Why Choose DEX-O-TEX Waterproofing Systems?

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by Deion Rangel


WICR is one of the major players in the game of waterproofing in Southern California and has been for over 35 years. We are known for our superior workmanship and product knowledge: we are certified by all the major waterproofing manufacturers to insall their products. In this article, the focus will be on one particular waterproofing system, Dex-O-Tex Weather Wear.


What is Dex-O-Tex?

Why is Dex-O-Tex such a considered product when it comes to waterproofing? Exterior surfaces such as outdoor balconies, garages, and walkways (only a few of many examples) are under constant wear and tear from the weather, and can begin to look worn and beat up easily. Dex-O-Tex offers many products that can keep the area looking like new, years after its initial application. By using Dex-O-Tex, the area being preserved, you are saving large amounts of cash by increasing the durability and delaying the needs for any repair, and most importantly, avoiding the significant cost of replacement. Dex-O-Tex Weather Wear is one the top waterproofing systems chosen by architects and contractors to use not only because of its durability, but also because of the different types of decorative finishes available (which include custom made looks). Weather Wear is designed to be tough enough for use as a pedestrian or traffic bearing waterproofing system.

waterproofing system

Example of a Dex-O-Tex Weather Wear System


Installer Qualifications:

Not just anyone can start installing this product: it is a multi-layered system that requires training and expertise to be done correctly, and for the warranty to be valid. To Install Weather wear there are qualifications that need to be met. For one, the applicator needs to get certified as factory-trained, and must be a member of the SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) and has a minimum current validated CCB training documentation. To be certified to install Dex-O-Tex Weather Wear, the contractor must demonstrate that they specialize in the installation of waterproof deck systems. Dex-O-Tex is a manufacturer that requires excellence and will only sell this system to factory-trained specialists, which is exactly what WICR is.



Colors, Cleaning and Warranties:

Dex-O-Tex is not only one of the few manufacturers that offer a smooth texture, but their selection of colors make it unique and customizable to the client’s satisfaction. Their list of colors and colorflake can make a simple, dull deck into a masterpiece that will make any home look like a castle. Once The Weather wear system is installed, to keep it clean is so simple, anyone can do it. It is as simple as washing with a mild cleaning solution and brushing out stains or leftover compounds. It would be just like your mopping down the floor inside your home, there are no special or extra steps to be taken to clean this waterproof deck surface and keep it looking brand new. The warranty is a 10 year warranty if maintenance is performed at 5 year intervals. Maintenance includes only one layer, the traffic top coating.



Companies will tell you their product it better than Weather wear, there is always something out there to be the next big thing. I would steer people towards Weather Wear from Dex-O-Tex because for one, only professional installers can use this product which means that the clients should not experience any problems due to mistakes that were made during installation. Another reason is because it can be easily maintained and is environmentally friendly. My final reason might me the reason to convince you, and that is because the weather wear system has a slip sheet membrane, which permits “floating” over cracks in substrate. Which like explained in the first part, is more durable, it will not crack under stress and is more “flexible”.

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